To face and run no more : Inspired by “Beethoven’s Tempest Sonata”

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From fear you shall run to no avail, for its love shall embrace your soul. shall you turn to the fear that ensnares, to face your unawares,to take control.What Faith have you to shield from the taunting pierce of its haunting beauty to face away no more,To see the Mirror that you can hear.To let it speak no more.

Thoughts of sweet wine

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out OUT it pours so fluid and free, an unstoppable force I will not contain.
the innermost me, I must now proclaim , to withhold any longer would cause me great pain, Hurry ! I’m bursting! long enough have I aged. Now into the chalice , No! not on the floor ! “Then will you stop pouring” -But I am still bursting- “then we shall share with the floor, for it looks rather thirsty”