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hey ya'll. my name is bethanie but i go by beth. im 19 years of age, and writing is what i want to make a proffesion of.

Dear daddy dream catcher..

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Dear daddy dream catcher; please sing me a song,
please make up the lyrics,
no way to get them wrong.
Dear daddy dream catcher; please dont go,
stay with me longer,
please dont say no.
Dear daddy dream catcher, wake me from this dream,
tell me the truth,
that life isnt what it seems.
Dear daddy dream catcher, keep me under your wing,
i know today dont promise tommorow,
and thats just the thing,
Dear daddy dream catcher, please dont tell me no lies,
dont tell me it doenst hurt,
when a loved one says goodbye,
Dear daddy dream catcher, you say im on my own;
but its the daddy’s that dont love there daughters,
that decide to leave them alone,
dear daddy dream catcher,
im putting roses on your grave,
you took my bad dreams,
and made them into my slave,
Dear daddy dream catcher,
you took it all with you when you would go,
now im stuck shoveling your grave side, in the cold white snow,
daddy dream catcher, you did this to me,
you turned me in to’
who you wanted me to be……..
how could you daddy dream catcher?