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I took a BA degree in English from the Teachers Training College of Bukavu-DR Congo in 2006. From then onward,I started teaching English as a Foreign Language, first to Congolese secondary school students, then to college prospective teachers of EFL students and now to Banro Congo Mining French speaking staff. Besides my teaching career, I have worked as a humanitarian worker in SGBV projects, respectively as an SGBV Reintegration Project Manager (2008-2010)and SGBV Project Supervisor (2010-2011).

When I’m no longer there

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Gone or sunk into the everlasting sleep,
Thou and thy heart will leap,
Of joy if thou art against my deeds,
And of distress if thou art my fan indeed,

For no son of man whosoever can miss,
Deeds that deserve praise and thank,
And ones worth a blame to the one who sank,
Or went elsewhere to seek what they miss.

But gone or sunk, it always reminds of them,
Every time they are compared to the new born,
Or comer brought to replace them,
The head’s disturbed and the heart’s torn.

For no two persons can equally replace each other,
Some will then say, “he was better” to one another.