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White and therefore always right!

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By Stanley Collymore

You’re white and, evidently in your case, totally useless!
And not just as it happens to society generally but also,
quite specifically too and rather obvious to yourself.
However, for all of these appalling circumstances
and, as far as it can objectively be discerned or
properly understood from closely observing
you, you’re furthermore firmly and even
emphatically of the extremely and also
unambiguously fiery estimation that
as far as each one of the numerous
and distinctly dissimilar races who’re
currently and collectively living on this Planet Earth
that we mutually call home, and that together and
for the most part fall exactly under the sensed
and generally accepted judgement of being
labelled human, it’s only your own, and,
moreover, as you see it too, the added
benefit of your most treasured and
enormously revered skin colour,
that conjointly and acceptably
guarantee that you and your
white kind aren’t only and decidedly but also
correspondingly too, enormously superior
in all facets – that one can immediately
call to mind – to all other races and
ethnicities globally; regardless, it appears to be,
how evident and unquestionably transparent
is the authoritative conclusion which that
exceptionally ludicrous and definitely
discriminatory deduction of yours,
in faultless juxtaposition no less,
with recognizably concurring
persons who think and act
as you do, is undeniably
and idiotically wrong.

Nevertheless, in your obsessive and utterly idiotic
lunacy, you ceaselessly persist to still puke out
and most amazingly believe your ludicrous
and incredibly senseless contention, that
simply because you’re a woman and
happen to have been born a white
Caucasian – handily omitting to
acknowledge in your errantly
twisted and delusional observations that you are
a pretty pathetic, on top of you likewise being
manifestly and breathtakingly a poor excuse,
if ever there was one, for a human being –
that by dint of being born white doesn’t
automatically, as you acutely believe,
of itself unassailably confer on you,
either forever and so decisively, a
matchless and, to all intents and
purposes, an elite and premium
brand of exceptionalism, that,
of course, then translates as
fundamentally individual
concerns, to instinctively
and also exclusively too
transform for you into
that prized category
you’re wont to see
as clarification of
an enduring and
cast-iron white

© Stanley V. Collymore
9 July 2017.

Author’s Remarks:
This poem and the accompanying article of the same name and nature that I’ve written and accordingly am presenting here for your personal examination, succinctly, unambiguously and most unapologetically sum up, and rather fittingly too even if I say so myself, my distinctly firm and objectively held views on the matter that I’m accordingly highlighting and, if anything, is an opinion that’s convincingly reinforced by the sickeningly evil and pathetically lowlife actions of JEMMA BEALE, a fantasist rape victim, who is now finally and publicly acknowledged as such, and following her recent court conviction for officially make some FIFTEEN bogus rape accusations to the British police that resulted in the imprisonment of her entirely innocent victims and her even being compensated from the public purse with a sum of £11.000 Pounds Sterling in one instance for merely saying that that particular, and now known never to have taken place, rape had left her “totally devastated”, has finally been publicly exposed as the pathological liar that she is, fittingly convicted for the lying and multiple bogus rape accusations that she had made against her randomly selected male victims plus addition proven charges against her of wilful acts of perjury under oath in a court of law, and is presently, as I write, remanded in custody and as she awaits sentence for her disreputable, persistent and pernicious criminal behaviour.

All well and good you may say and might even suitably agree that Jemma Beale is getting what she truly deserves and, consequently, that ought to be the end of this matter. But should it? For frankly, I don’t think so. And, what’s more, am firmly and conclusively of the belief that a significant portion of the overall blame in relation to this perfidious calamity should and must be directly laid at the feet of the local police force that incredibly, so incompetently dealt with this woman’s multiple false rape accusations. And in tandem with them too the Department of Public Prosecutions (DPP) that saw fit to recklessly and most idiotically submit over a sustained period of time some 15 distinctive and alleged rape allegations from this same woman, and solely on her own word, to the British courts’ attention where in turn they all led to successful prosecutions.

This without seemingly, in the least, being curious about any of them, bothering to scrutinize these multiple allegations of hers to ascertain for themselves that they actually happened or, for that matter, in their specific case quite patently too dim-witted to take cognizance of the proverbial penny having dropped that this evil lowlife and an exceedingly poor excuse for a human being was most cynically and deliberately conning all of them while, at the same time, purposefully and psychologically abusing, as well as intentionally and maliciously setting out to irretrievably ruin the reputations, job prospects and even the personal lives of those whom she’d sadistically and dementedly decided must be and, therefore, accordingly had chosen to be her hapless victims.

Significantly too in all of this sickening charade Jemma Beale was quite well known to both her local police force, the DPP and one could even argue the courts that she attended to make her scurrilous and lying rape allegations against her innocent victims. And it’s not beyond the wit, one would have imagined, of all these various and highly paid public officials for at least one among their number to ask the obvious question of why is this woman being so routinely raped and furthermore by different men totally unknown to each other in any way and also on distinctly separate occasions and different locations? But evidently nothing of the kind didn’t cross the minds of these collective morons who seemingly couldn’t without instructions being given to them navigate their way out of a sodden paper bag. Nor did they ask, what to anyone with even a half-functioning brain would spontaneously have done, is why a woman who to all intents and purposes would have been massively outdone in every department simply for beauty alone by the rear end of an elephant was such an irresistible draw for lecherous men who, without knowing her, nevertheless had this compulsive fixation to rape her?

But cogent issues or persuasive arguments like these ones didn’t matter to the police, the DPP and their lawyers or even the courts involved since they’d all made up their minds where guilt laid and had done so from the very start without even bothering on their part to assess the so-called evidence provided by JEMMA BEALE prejudicially working on the longstanding tried and tested, racist white European and, particularly, British, system and that even an extremely dim-witted moron like Jemma Beale was completely aware of. “Who do you think the police, the DPP, the juries, the judges and per se the courts and white society generally are going to believe, you a Black or otherwise non-white person or ME a white, Caucasian woman?

And JEMMA BEALE was absolutely right in her assessment for having chosen her bevy of non-white victims to castigate as her rapists the police, DPP and the courts dutifully and quite faultlessly, and in step with their institutionalized racism, for there’s absolutely no other way that any sensible or rational person can describe the outcome; completely, unprofessionally, and with not a trace of legal or ethical impartiality and furthermore at every term fully with their backing and blessing bent over backwards in their bigoted hostility to accommodate in every respect the delusional, narcissistic and markedly prejudicial lunacy, attendant with their own, of Jemma Beale. Attesting to their mutually held and sick concept that being white, and irrespective of what the evidence is to the contrary, automatically and at all times makes you the consummately proud and worthy possessor of that racial identity both unquestionably and naturally unchallengeably too, right!

Anne Marie Morris claims that her racist remarks were “unintentional”. Which prompts the very obvious question, to those who aren’t dim-witted that is, of how can something which you consciously and deliberately said, not in the heat of an argument or some unexpectedly provoked situation be ever unintentional? But we all know what Anne Marie Morris means. It was unintentional on her part and that of the other white trash lowlifes who were congregated with her for her racist remarks to ever find their way into the public domain. But they have! And as a Black man I really don’t give a fuck now, any more than I did when BORIS KAMAL: The Yid, Nazi-Zionist and incumbent UK regime Foreign Secretary, referred to Black people as “piccaninnies with watermelon smiles.”

But no Black person with a worthwhile life wouldn’t have risen to Boris Kamal’s utterly childish and deliberately provocative abuse and therefore retaliatorily and similarly insultingly refer to him and his kind as “snipped-dicks, Oedipus rex fixated, obsessively money-grabbing, incestuously in-breeding and consummately delusional pillocks”, would they? And for the very simple reason that Blacks have heard these kinds of repetitive, boring and abusive remarks emanating from white trash Caucasians for a number of centuries, and we’re still here; and it’s like water off a duck’s back to us. But when you are as pathetic as these mother-fuckers are and of the ilk of ANNE MARIE MORRIS and BORIS KAMAL what they in their vitriol puke out towards us says more about themselves than it ever does or can about us.

For essentially, although physically in the 21st Century, they’ve nothing whatsoever to positively contribute to it, and whether they recognize this or not their only salvation as they perceive it is to psychologically, and even physically in their rather sick and delusional minds, transport themselves to what they nonsensically regard as the unchallengeable and halcyon days when whites, in their demented minds, were the only people on Planet earth that mattered and as a result determined and controlled everything on it that happened. In short, the Master Race and consequently didn’t have to worry about anything, because whatever they chose to think and subsequently did was, as far as they were concerned, the only things that mattered.

Principally and for lowlifes like Jemma Beale, Boris Kamal and Anne Marie Morris who are all markedly, and from every psychological perspective, lacking in genuine self-worth a most ideal situation, since they can all enthusiastically rely on their race and skin colour, which to everyone else, apart from themselves and others like them who observably think and act the same way, are evidently characteristics that they certainly had nothing at all in determining in relation to themselves, just as everyone else, regardless of their race or colour, are equally in the same situation. But don’t tell them that as they’re too thick to actually comprehend what you’re really saying to them! And for some in the mainstream media to excuse the behaviour of Anne Marie Morris and Boris Kamal by saying that went to Oxford University, my own reaction to that is: so what? And not least so because I know of several people who eschewed the offers for them to attend this privileged elite attracting cesspool because they preferred to attend REAL universities and deal with NORMAL students and lecturers there.

And even though it’s patently obvious that Jemma Beale didn’t, like Boris Kamal and Anne Marie Morris, attend Oxford University the demonstrably obvious mind-set between the three of them is unmistakably obvious.

Following your own imaginative conceptions or slavishly other peoples’ prescription?

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By Stanley Collymore

Self-praise, it’s generally and even controversially argued,
is one of life’s minor oddities, and no less so because it
doesn’t easily or readily fit into the stringent realms
of conscientious objectivity or uncompromised
impartiality which would in general terms be
contemplated by almost everybody as an
unqualified and fundamental necessity.
And therefore in that given context
and firmly but otherwise superficially looked at either
without being accorded much thinking of it, or in
reality exploring other available and feasible
options, can supposedly be thus happily
contemplated, resolvedly concluded
and thereupon additionally and
eventually acknowledged as
appropriately the ideal
explanation to one’s
own conundrum.

But is it really, as it might at first seem, the only true
guide to rational thinking, and in this essentially
to many, and expectedly to some bemused
observers too, singular process they’re
watching deliver what is little more
than the evident and perversely ensnaring, as
it happens, of one’s self and unsurprisingly
most conveniently doing so through the
somewhat subjective and undeniably
motivational instrument of what
is certainly blatant populism?

Always perceived, as and whenever it’s selectively
required, to correspondingly act as the one true
and indispensable means to fittingly reach
and suitably deliver the allegedly right,
proper and efficacious decision as to
how one must perspicaciously and even sagely
endeavour in their personal and committed
undertaking, if theirs is to be a realistic
ambition of profitably bringing their
most cherished anticipations and
envisioned dreams to what will
indubitably be their resulting,
ultimate and fullest fruition!

© Stanley V. Collymore
6 July 2017.

Author’s Remarks:
For the general, although by no means universally accepted, recognition that each and every living person, whether entirely compos mentis or not, has the same unchallengeable right to have his or her own entitlement to think and express whatever viewpoint they’re personally disposed to, so long as these opinions don’t arbitrarily invalidate or in any way abrogate the similar rights of others whose sentiments and actions are diametrically divergent o the stance of those who’ve taken to openly and outspokenly enunciating them, is a salient part of every principled and conscionable society and country which unequivocally claims to be civilized both in conception and execution; as well as those others assertively and conveniently but all the same most questionably opt to jump on the same bandwagon. And in what manner those who’re either repeatedly or occasionally caught up in this, and at times, highly controversial debate calculatingly in those given circumstances that they find themselves in choose to react, is surely and quite frankly a matter exclusively for them.

That said, and most unfortunately so, there are significant numbers of people both nationally and globally who obviously don’t have the intellectual acumen, natural goodwill towards themselves or the committed perseverance to act in their own best interests, choosing instead to either slavishly or otherwise have themselves unthinkingly or even coercively follow the manifestly manipulative and quite distinctly self-serving dictates of others whose egocentric attitude to life and their attendant loathsome actions are concertedly bound up in the utterly selfish, uncaring and contemptuous mind-set they resolutely hold on to, and in turn affects everyone and everything associated with them that they calculatedly go out of their way to unambiguously ensure will completely and deferentially subjugate themselves as they, their controllers, single-mindedly decide and accordingly will indisputably expect to be obeyed.

All of which is academically quite interesting, but in practical terms where precisely in this intriguing conundrum, if at all, do you personally fit in?

The exemplary embodiment of the best of library practices!

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By Stanley Collymore

You’re evidently efficient, praiseworthily pleasant and most
accommodatingly approachable; constituting, in the
process of all this, those delightful and human
characteristics that additionally comprise
the purposeful and attractive embodiment of everything
that a perspective and truly worthy of that position
librarian indispensably needs to have in the vital
job that you’re engaged in, with consummate
humanity and humility. And consequently
it’s hopefully expected that you’ll carry
on in the same pre-eminent fashion,
impeccably professional standard
and outstanding tradition as that of what the majority, though
it’s rather obvious and sadly so to those with observant
eyes to see not all of them, of your other remarkable
colleagues at Horsham Library are themselves
doing. And in appreciative admiration of
you and them I sincerely say to you:
“Interea locutus est Deus et ut
benedicat est bonum opus!”

© Stanley V. Collymore
4 July 2017.

Author’s Remarks:
With an alarming and most virulent intensity the young in Britain are consistently attacked by the elderly, cap-doffing to their purported social superiors and toadying sycophants as well as similarly vigorously too by all manner of quite sickeningly social-climbing collaborators and absolutely self-serving, mainstream media conspirators in conjunction with the usual plethora of “privileged elite” morons, who frankly are either individually or collectively in no position whatsoever to throw the first stone at anyone, and particularly so unwarrantedly at others, and most specifically the young, who resolutely refuse to even contemplate let alone actually seek to behave in the characteristically odious manner in which their elders are behaving.

A situation that’s both contemptuously and offensively consistent in its deeply ingrained and deliberately practised hypocrisy and proliferating double standards that none among these by no means imaginable older, elderly and supposedly paragons of virtue envisage life should be like, and consequently characteristically do their utmost best to ensure that it is, regardless of how inimical and immoral their perfidious actions are to the society or community in which they’re living specifically, or the rest of humanity generally.

And it accounts for why I’ve written this particular poem as a tribute not only to this specific Horsham, West Sussex, England, charming young lady trainee librarian but also in grateful appreciation of and expressive commendation to all the several millions of, I’m completely sure, likeminded vibrantly young, comprehensively energetic and thoroughly altruistically minded citizens across the entire United Kingdom, as well as globally, who’re astutely and beneficially doing everything that they can, as well as know that needs to be taken on, to effectively make this world that we conjointly live in an infinitely better place not just for themselves but also everyone who’s entirely deserving of that philanthropic consideration.

And therefore to all young people everywhere, and most particularly of the calibre of this Horsham young lady, but not only in my country Britain, I both wholeheartedly extend as well as send you my very best wishes and sincerest congratulations.

Celebrate your birthday if you can, but remember it was an occurrence you had no input in!

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By Stanley Collymore

Birthdays and the invariably gratuitous celebration of them by
countless and usually nondescript persons are supposedly
meant to be special occasions happily devised by those
who are determinedly intent on observing what is for
them their big day. By why, and for what singular
or plural reasons go overboard with so many of
them? because those that have liberally taken
to indulging themselves in this way, realize
they were basically born? Scarcely stellar
deduction, I’d have thought, for the kind
of hubristic, exaggerated or other such celebrations of the
kind favoured in this narcissistic glorification of one’s
self, since like none of us those individuals who’re
usually, directly and most obsessively taken up
with the immersion of themselves and what
they’re actually thinking, can’t truthfully,
nor can anyone else even in their very
wildest dreams, rationally claim to
have performed any role, wholly
or otherwise, in their creation.

Which effectively means that from the onset of the
circumstances surrounding, for the most part,
their not always straightforward conception
and throughout the subsequent pre-natal
process of their eventual development
into hopefully fully-fledged human
beings, the entire outcome in essence had absolutely
nothing at all to do with them and most definitely
wasn’t any of their personal doing. So do bear
that in mind, those of you who’re selfishly,
egocentrically and appropriately swayed
to habitually overlook most or all this;
and, instead, be thoroughly thankful
to Almighty God: yours and very
much so my own indisputable
Creator, that you’re actually
and most blessedly here!

© Stanley V. Collymore
1 July 2017.

Author’s Remarks:
It’ll doubtlessly be argued that as a direct recognition of being in this world it’s only natural that the individuals involved, and there are now billions of them globally, along with their respective family members, friends, colleagues and associates celebrate what’s perceived by them as a very important outcome; another year’s duration, for those individuals who’re celebrating the occasion, presence in this world of ours. A plausible enough, when looked it, but by no means a definitive response, nor should the latter be the case in relation to it without irrefutable and corroborative evidence to support that contention.

But it’s a private matter I hear you say, and what people either decide to do with or in in their personal lives is an issue that must, or should at least, be left entirely up to them and, as such, is or ought to be a relevant counter argument. Fine! But sensibly only if that outcome is specifically limited or in other ways restricted to those directly involved.

However, experience and common sense informatively instructs us that that usually isn’t the case, and through observing other peoples’ customary behavioural habits, especially if those persons are influential and powerful, can, and invariably does, decidedly affect and shape the conduct of others, and all the more so if those observing and inculcating the behavioural patterns of their “idols” are basically intellectually challenged, exceedingly gullible or wholly unthinking, in their every action, persons in the first place.

So is this proposal a blueprint for policing, enforcedly cancelling or even proscribing perceived “un-merited” birthday celebrations and the linkage between them and one’s presence here on this Earth? Certainly not in terms of celebrating through the reembrace of one’s birthday, however that individual chooses to legally do so. And as long as they’re not tempted to think or actually believe that what transparently and objectively to others and as regards themselves is a veritably useless life isn’t being celebrated and, what’s more, fulsomely portrayed as something particularly outstanding when evidently it is not!

So enjoy your own birthday whenever that is, and the good fortune too that the Almighty God has not only given you life but also graciously as well awarded you with an extension of it on earth, so as to improve not only your personal attainments but equally too avail yourself of the opportunities available to assist, in the process of your being allowed to carry on living, wherever and whenever that you altruistically can, others to similarly do the same.

That then is essentially what this poem, and in its article form also appended with the same title, is all about as I celebrate with my Partner and those closest and most special to me my own birthday on the 4th July 2017, and in doing so am both fully cognisant of as well as thoroughly committed to everything that I’ve said.

The merited moral remembrance of the wilfully massacred residents of Grenfell Tower

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By Stanley Collymore

There’re no words, however fluently or graphically expressed,
that can truly describe the excruciating anguish gruesomely
compounded by the dreadful horror that was graphically
experienced by those that were unnecessarily but, all
the same, calculatedly forced to die in the Grenfell
Tower Inferno, relative to what they physically
and psychologically endured during the final
hour and minutes of their existence when
it became noticeably obvious to them,
that they were going to die in the
most horrendous manner likely
to be suffered by any ill-fated
and wretched human being.
Innocent and inestimable lives to all their dear ones
and close friends now callously and forever cut
short by means of the studiously pre-planned
and energetically conjoined exertions of a
borough council that fanatically, racially
and socially, despicably abrogated its
legal and ethical responsibilities of
care towards those that are now,
because of its derisive actions,
dead; have additionally also
morphed into, and become
the mysteriously missing, or
indifferently displaced, by
what has so disastrously
and horrendously been
so sickeningly visited
on them – from their
deeply established,
securely knit and
locally based

A purposely conceived and concertedly executed
“accident” that although determinedly long in
the planning, none the less, was expectantly,
impatiently and obsessively longed for by
those waiting in the wings and who had
themselves appreciatively initiated it,
to permit it to actually happen; and
now as expected in all its distressing apprehension
ultimately brought to fruition as the world, and
not just Britain, was shockingly forced to see,
as the instantaneous and utterly devastating
consequences of this indubitably criminal
culpability, but nevertheless guaranteed
Metropolitan Police together with the
Department of Public Prosecutions
(DPP) prearranged, prosecutorial
immunity clandestinely granted
as per usual to Kensington and
Chelsea Borough Council; an overall act of
criminality which is itself still purposely
conjoined with the habitual unyielding
reassurance of Britain’s Nazi-Zionist
corresponding racist, Tory regime’s
completest supporting of together
with an unwavering doctrinaire
protection of the Conservative
run London borough council
of Kensington and Chelsea’s
inflexibly committed to and
distinctly demographically
totalitarian German Third
Reich inspired ethnic and
social cleansing policies.

© Stanley V. Collymore
29 June 2017.

Author’s Remarks:
And accounts for how local government authorities like Kensington and Chelsea Borough Council in avid conjunction and collaboration with their likeminedly doctrinaire, hubristically and patronizingly disposed, closely knit and even incestuously endemically embroiled private sector accomplices in concertedly exercised acts of premeditated criminal culpability can quite literally and completely uncaringly get away with whatever criminal activity they either individually or more usually collectively decide to engage in; including acts like corporate mass murder as we’ve all graphically evidenced in the case of Grenfell Tower, instinctively knowing that there’ll be an official and distinctly lying cover-up if things do go dramatically and publicly wrong for them, but all the same under any of their wilfully criminal circumstances they’ll absolutely and unaccountably get away with whatever they’ve done. The classic whitewash in more ways than one!

Cognizant too, and all of the time, that they’ll be effectively buttressed on that front by consummate braindead idiots within the British police forces, and in this specific case the Metropolitan Police Force – no stranger itself to institutionalized racism and rampant public office malfeasance – like Commander – of what exactly beats me, unless it’s rank stupidity and unintelligible, intellectually challenged sycophancy – STUART CUNDY, whose body language totally contradicts the words he mechanically pukes out of his mouth whenever he speaks, and like his police colleagues in the Hillsborough catastrophe were quite willing to and actually did do in carrying out a massive cover-up of what genuinely happened then, and which Stuart Cundy, no lessons learnt by him for the simple reason that he evidently hasn’t the intellectual acumen or the capability to do so, is in the case of the Grenfell Tower Inferno mass murders idiotically, as is his wont, trying to insultingly and similarly emulate.

Thankfully though those involved in trying to get real justice for the victims of the Grenfell Tower Inferno aren’t prepared to take this public office malfeasance wilful abuse of power by the likes of Stuart Cundy lying down nor, for that matter, will they wait nearly three decades, as the Hillsborough campaigners were forced to do, to eventually see the first vestiges of light on the way to them ultimately achieving real and substantive justice for their dearly beloved and now enforcedly departed ones properly undertaken and ultimately done. And frankly and completely unapologetically, I’m 1000% in my committed support of them.

The Ultimate Insult!

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By Stanley Collymore

What’s the actual difference between what Germany’s Third
Reich and its allies did, and the mindset lurking behind it,
during World War II and the attitude now exemplified
by these Khazar-Yiddish fake “Jews” who 72 years
after World War II has ended still carry on ad
nauseum moaning about what happened
to their Zionist sort then as they none t
he less consistently and blatantly
milk Europe’s holocaust for
every penny that they can
get from them doing so.

And what ignorant mother fuckers like this Yid Rabbi
Shlomo Mimad in Yidland are tirelessly doing to
the Palestinians whose country they’ve brutally
stolen, and whose native inhabitants they’ve
either systematically practised genocide
against or else brutally expelled from
their homes and lands; and yet not
happy with all of this still want
to do more horrendous things
to the existing Palestinians.

To which I publicly, quite unashamedly and similarly
unapologetically say: “What an awful pity, in these
characteristically western, hypocritical and vile
double standards circumstances, that the war
time Germany’s Third Reich government
didn’t completely accomplish its most
earnest and justifiable ambition of
the Final Solution in relation to
to these dissolute and truly
unpleasant, white trash
Lowlifes and inured
graspingly Zionist

© Stanley V. Collymore
21 June 2017.

Author’s Remarks:
Rabbi Shlomo Mimad’s intention is to have the Yidland national authority poison all the water sources in the Palestinian West Bank with the sole purpose of arbitrarily pushing out all Palestinians that live there from their towns and cities in order to allow Yid settlers to take over more Palestinian lands.

Significantly and predictably there has been no criticism of this Rabbi’s remarks in Yidland or any western country, either at government level or in the western mainstream media. An undoubted marked contrast from what would have been the case if this was a Palestinian official or religious leader saying a similar thing in relation to Yidland’s settlers’ water supplies. And there would have been no end to their condemnation of their fabricated use of the over-worked and long discredited term of anti-Semitism, and most ironically so because these Khazar-descended Yids aren’t Semites while in total contrast the Palestinians are genetically, biologically and undeniably true Semites.

But these numbskulls who instinctively and fraudulently use this terminology for Yid are to dim-witted to know or research this basic piece of information, and not unsurprisingly since it fits in markedly with their racist, white supremacist, exceptionalist and Zionist master race plans

In fact, Yidland authorities recently cut off the water supplies from Northern cities in the West Bank of Palestine during the hottest days of the month of Ramadan, when Muslims fast from sunrise to sunset. Appalling double standards that white western regimes persistently turn a blind eye to or else covertly condone.

All of which is no different in attitude from what is and has for some time now been going on in Nazi-Zionist Britain and across the white west generally but with two major differences. Germany’s Third Reich was openly honest about what it was actually doing all the time. Which is considerably more than one can ever say for the mother-fucking Nazi Zionists who on behalf of Yidland and Rogue State USA supervise the national affairs of the United Kingdom.

To which I publicly, unashamedly and unapologetically say: “What a dreadful pity, in these circumstances, that Germany’s Third Reich didn’t fully realize its ambition of the Final Solution relative to these white trash, Lowlifes and Zionist sub-humans!

The incomparable Emily Thornberry – Labour MP for Islington South and Finsbury

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By Stanley Collymore

Exceedingly bright, of which there’s absolutely no doubt
whatsoever, and thoroughly refreshingly modern too in
outlook, and this in marked contrast to your average
and supposedly contemporary House of Commons
MP or House of Lords politician blissfully living,
as they’re evidently resistant to change, in the
dark ages of a bygone political and social era.
Proficiently enlightened in your views and
actions and complementarily gifted with
a God-given, naturally appealing and a
most positively communicable charm:
all embracing and solidly reinforced
by an irrefutably and fundamental
grace that’s characteristically and permanently emblematic
of what unquestionably a particularly intelligent lady, in
every affirmative perception and connotation of that
word and who, moreover, is dazzlingly competent
in everything she knowingly embarks upon; and
without any invented airs or graces simply and
expertly, as is her wont, ingeniously gets on
with the job in hand. And quite noticeably
too, all this against an amazingly robust
backdrop of effervescent charm and a
riveting and scintillating personality,
the person whom this poem was
conceived for and specifically
written and is now enthusiastically
dedicated, is the inimitable Emily
Thornberry: loyal Labour Party
member and the unselfishly
hard-working and shrewd
MP for Islington South
and Finsbury. A most
delightfully, in the
bargain, entirely
alluring, and

© Stanley V. Collymore
15 June 2017.

Author’s Remarks.
This poem specifically written for and dedicated to Emily Thornberry, the British House of Commons MP for the constituency of Islington South and Finsbury in London, is all the same a deeply personal as well as a permanent tribute to each and every loyal and conscientious parliamentary Labour Party member who assiduously endeavours with every conscionable sinew of integrity in their bodies to unswervingly work in the best interests of as well as carry out their legal and ethical responsibilities as elected MPs, consistently and unshakably in the best interests of ALL of their constituents, without any bigoted or discriminatory agendas on their part regardless of who these members of our electorate, as is their democratic and constitutional right, chose to vote for; and, of course, in the process of this professional and principled stance also doing what’s best for the overall well-being and benefit of our collective homeland Britain.

A salutary lesson of what democracy and political maturity is undoubtedly all about, that firmly resonates with people like me and is profusely perceptible in the honest opinions and trusted actions of Emily Thornberry MP.

Chris Leslie: The archetypical, lowlife, white trash, British scum!

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By Stanley Collymore

Jeremy Corbyn is a consummate waste of space and time
intimates his detractor – because in the latter’s case his
accuser has neither the language nor the necessary
perspicacity to fittingly frame anything in meaningful or
genuinely representative English words that would
comprise in the circumstances given more than
two syllables – and so idiotically bleats his
hatred hysterically as he characteristically
for him spews out his malevolent poison against Jeremy
Corbyn, this undeniably dim-witted, redneck, lowlife and
quite evidently white trash tyke, Chris Leslie, poignantly
and most ironically bringing to mind the familiar old
saying of the pot stupidly calling the kettle black.
For while Jeremy Corbyn has unswervingly
proficiently and proudly represented the
same constituency of Islington North
in London throughout his time as
an MP in parliament, Chris Leslie:
born and bred in Yorkshire, was
unceremoniously dumped by
the decent constituents in
his native Yorkshire.

And tail between his humiliated legs was forced to
scramble for a seat in the distant county of
Nottinghamshire, where without the
“security” of Labour this very
much odious, repulsive,
sick, sad and pathetically poor excuse for a
human being would again be out in the
cold and nowhere. Narcissistic to the
core and a compulsive attention
seeker in the bargain, Chris
Leslie is the actual epitome
of those whom Winston
Churchill – a life-long
eugenicist that man –
if he’d had his way
wouldn’t be here;

As their mothers and grandmothers would
all have been compulsorily sterilized;
and on reflection, and though I’ve
never been a fan of Winston or
will that ever change, what a
salutary blessing not only
for England but also
the entire United
Kingdom if the likes of Lowlife and
manifestly white trash scum like
Chris Leslie – who by no
stretch of even the
most fanciful
of imaginations is in the same
ethical league as Jeremy
Corbyn – had been
prohibited from
ever being

© Stanley V. Collymore
13 June 2017.

Author’s Remarks:
After every poem that I write, and as my many loyal fans know, I always write my own views or commentary pertaining to the work I’ve created. In this case I’ve decided not to as I’m of the view that they would be absolutely superfluous in this case. And so I’ll let the braindead idiocy of CHRIS LESLIE speak for itself, as this pathetically poor excuse for a human being sums up quite adequately in the nonsense that he routinely spews out and the animalistic and feral actions he blissfully indulges in just how far removed he is from the general species that we regard as Homo Sapiens.

Charitably I would normally have asked him to grow up and join the human race but that is undoubtedly a bridge too far for what passes in his case for a questionable human being.

Common Sense alone convincingly suggests that our next PM must be Jeremy Corbyn!

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By Stanley Collymore

From conversations casually but even so interestingly engaged
in with people of all ages, races, genders, religious beliefs or
none; miscellaneous social upbringings, educational and
professional standing and themselves belonging to a
multiplicity of nationalities, they’re not only to a
man, youngster and woman familiar with the
name Jeremy Corbyn but are increasingly too in massive
numbers impressively and convincingly persuaded by
the ground-breaking and achievable political, social
and highly thought-provoking moral arguments
advocated by this most principled man and,
of course, an inimitably and amazingly
outstanding human being, for constructive and
lasting, transformative change for the many
and not just the privileged few in Britain.
An accurately costed, practicable and
therefore, a committed to manifesto
– not the intentionally deceiving
words heartlessly conceived by
the Cabal of Tories, Ukipers,
Labtories and Lib-Dems in
their egotistic, privileged
elites and industriously
looked-after agenda –
by the extraordinarily hardworking Labour
Movement and our authentically iconic
Party Leader Jeremy Corbyn for an
unbiased, fair-minded, equality
of opportunity and in terms
of justice also before the
law, stable politically,
economically and a
mutual, reformist
and productive

© Stanley V. Collymore
1 June 2017.

Author’s Comments:
Commeth the hour; commeth the man! And in the life of every living person, and that includes all of us, there comes that defining moment when each of us must make the conscious decision whether to grasp the nettle of constructive progressiveness or else decline to do so and accordingly languish unintelligently and counterproductively in the manufactured by others debilitating human cesspit of ongoing mediocrity and non-recuperative degeneration. Fecklessly and supinely doing so because others in their ill-will towards you and with their mendacious, iniquitous, pernicious, deeply troubling, self-serving and repressive agendas manipulatively or even coercively tell you, and expect you to agree and obey, that this is the only choice open to you and consequently the one you must, as determined by them, unchangingly follow.

The exact political, social, economic and educationally combined agenda of the Nazi-Zionist Tories, Labtories, Lib-Dems, their banking, hedge funds and other financially incompetent entities you’re by government decree statutorily forced to bailout and who then jointly and most cruelly screw you in an even worse manner than they’d previously done, as they know you’re a state-induced lifeline for them whenever they want or need one, either because of their compulsive greed or customary incompetence on their part.

Then there are the privileged elites and multinational corporations with ready access to literally billions of Pounds Sterling but who with consecutive UK regime and parliamentary compliance, connivance and duplicity see no reason why they should pay their fair share of UK taxation, or any tax at all, as they salt their ill-gotten gains away in safe and untouchable overseas tax havens while lumbering you the general public and your families at home with scandalous austerity measures in order to maintain their own massive and growing profits as well as their much appreciated, accustomed and undauntedly expected way of life.

Meanwhile, you must carry on existing on the beneficence of those organizing food banks, as you see your kids have their state school meals withdrawn and your elderly parents or grandparents exposed to a draconian Dementia Tax, having worked hard all their lives, and dutifully paid their taxes during that time, to scrimp and save to have a trouble free retirement and possibly leave something for you and other cherished members of your family. And these are just the tip of the colossal iceberg of such glaring atrocities contemptuously meted out to you, as you’re then cynically and with an unbelievably straight faces told: “We’re all in it together!” A mantra you’re told you MUST believe but which unsurprisingly they have no inclination or intention of ever implementing on their part. And why should they? When they’re living the life of Riley and disdainfully see you as thoroughly dispensable and “Useful Idiots?”

Then adding fuel to this sickening scenario of theirs they spend billions of Pounds on a Trident and supposedly independent nuclear defence system which they can’t contemplate let alone use at any time without the explicit say so and approved permission of Rogue State USA, which effectively owns the damned thing anyway! But one-sided and sycophantic solidarity on the UK’s part keeps the Military Industrial Complex of Rogue State USA happy in conjunction with the UK’s toadying imperialistic wars where millions of Global Southerners are gratuitously killed, maimed or displaced as penniless refugees, their countries subjected to arbitrary regime change and their natural resource assets appropriated for the exclusive benefit of graspingly avaricious and privileged white westerners.

Meanwhile, as the UK’s own armaments industries are boosted enormously to support this calamitous anarchy on Global Southerners, you’re told at home that these activities are absolutely crucial to defend Britain’s sovereign independence (beats me the nonsense that passes for logic behind that one), support its NATO allies, protect western civilized standards of behaviour (of the sort that Jimmy Savile and other paedophiles were and are still protecting) and maintain jobs in key sector industries like Bae Systems and the other armaments merchants of death. In short, your killing, or providing the means to do so, Global Southerners is where it’s at and the only way forward for the future of yourselves and your families; but when you get blowbacks in Britain or the rest of Europe, and even False Flags as we saw in Manchester, you must throw your hands up in despair and willingly surrender yet more political power and uncritical influence over your lives to these warmongering, mass-murdering, war criminal, barbaric and lowlife monsters.

Frankly, it’s all a concertedly orchestrated pack of lies! And nothing could be further from the truth! For unless you can convincingly persuade yourself that you’re a mechanized robot and therefore programmed to respond as directed to the suggestions or diktats of those who control you and your every action, then you’d be most foolish to believe their description of yourself and the arbitrary prescription, that without any consultation with you by them, you must nevertheless unquestioningly follow.

Really? In which case why describe yourself as a human being? Since in the case of the latter you do have choices as to how you live, what you think and most significantly in this process ultimately and, hopefully, conscionably do. This is the kind of Britain and indeed a wider world that principled persons like Jeremy Corbyn, John McDonald, Diane Abbott and others are working towards and have been all their public service and personal lives. It’s what I and millions of others like me in our own distinctive ways have also done and continue to do. So why don’t you join us and on the 8 June 2017 go out and make your own distinctive mark at the ballot box for meaningful change? Change that will categorically entail, under a Jeremy Corbyn led government, a Britain “FOR THE MANY, NOT JUST THE PRIVILEGED FEW!”

Thank you for your support and God Bless You!

A Death wish and its final solution!

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By Stanley Collymore

I’m here patiently waiting for a much desired coming
from you but instead of you appearing I’m routinely
left pessimistically wondering when, or even if
you’ll show up. A massive kick in the teeth
is how I see it, clearly bearing in mind it
need not be this way; and I’m explicitly referring to the
inexplicable manner in which you’re obviously and
quite irresponsibly behaving. As I’m earnestly
in favour of dying and have been for some
considerable time now, and as you’re
well aware from the outset of this
irreversible realization on my
part have always with you
God made my decision
on this matter quite
abundantly and
openly clear.

So if you’re the compassionate and forbearing
God Almighty you deliberately pacify your
believers into not only thinking but, on
your part as well, claiming you are,
what’s the problem then that you
are so visibly grappling with
when it comes to me? Someone who is sick to
death of being on this Earth, is additionally
fed up to the back teeth with what on a
daily basis I consistently observe is
constantly going on everywhere
around me; while at the same
time absolutely appalled by
the completely deceptive
and mendacious double
standards augmented
by the unhampered
hypocrisy which
exemplifies the
currency that
drives the
we alas are
made to

An inadequate state of affairs that unfavourably compels
ordinary men and women, who in order to earn even a
half-decent living straightaway find that they have
no substitute but to unenthusiastically subjugate
themselves to this insidious option of a take
it or leave it requirement which they’re
intimidatingly given. And with me personally being
the principled and unquestionably plain-speaking
individual you indisputably know that I am in
such circumstances, I’d rather be dead God
than have to carry on living. So why then
don’t you just pull your fingers out of
your Celestial Bottom God, and let’s
jointly, civilly get this death show
that’s crucial to me on the road?

© Stanley V. Collymore
24 May 2017.

Author’s Remarks:
Death is an inevitability of life that all of us, in one way or another, will eventually encounter whether we like the idea of it happening to us or not. So fretting needlessly about it or becoming wearisomely obsessed or depressed about it isn’t going to make an iota of difference to that divine timetable, if one is religious, or the Nature inscribed one, if that person is not, that was calculatedly devised and consciously implemented in the case of each one of us, that began with our biological conception and thereafter instantaneously went into operation the very moment that each of us was born.

But because that prescription has been decreed for our individual life it doesn’t automatically mean that we must slavishly concur with it or that life under any circumstance is a far better situation to be in than death. I personally don’t believe, not even for a solitary moment, that glib explanation of life and would like to believe as well that no right thinking, logical, sensible or intelligent person does either.