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White superiority delusions on full and highly addictive steroids! (Poem)

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By Stanley Collymore

Answer me this simple question fully and honestly. Why are so
many people in Britain, comprising among them considerable
numbers of young men and women too, as well as fresh-
faced teenagers still in school, and whose individual
lives, quite transparently, and similarly from any
rational perspective, are yet to begin, in such
the discernibly pathetic state in which they’re in? Especially
so, if as you conceitedly and self-indulgently claim every
thing is completely honky-dory; however, for my part
I contradictorily, unfalteringly and unapologetically
maintain that what you’re dishonestly asserting to
cover up the realism of a very troublesome and
even a devastating situation, is nothing more
than yet another of your already numerous
disingenuous and outright lying refrains
to deceitfully detract awareness away
from the perversity of what things
certainly are in reality, as they
realistically pertain to these
suicidal-inflicted persons.

All of them, incidentally, being indisputably vital components
of and fully ensconced members within your much vaunted
and, as you’d most assuredly love to have everyone else
credulously believe, is categorically a very reputably
vouched for, democratically-conceived, prudently
inspired, studiously structured and, likewise, an
essentially well-implemented, yet for all that
is nevertheless a noticeably glaring, as well as a congruently
and utterly risible to everyone who’s justifiably regarded
as a reasonable competent and, additionally, a normal
human being, apart that is from you and other alike
persons like you, as a totally idiotic clarification.
But is all the same still unconditionally trotted
out by you as a fully meritocratic-operated,
distinctly well-balanced and, even vainly,
a correspondingly and quite decidedly
a civilized, white Caucasian led and,
understandably, quite naturally, a
most proficiently controlled in
the process, western society.

And, in effect, isn’t only the very best thing on offer
to-date socially and societally but is also the very
epitome of what all competently-run countries
worldwide ought in all truthfulness earnestly
endeavour for and inexorably set out to be!
If only unequivocally for the betterment
of their national integrity, sovereignty,
the philanthropic advancement and development of their
own population, the inducement, and as well the total
implementation of a truly worthwhile, passionately
encouraged to aspire to in its entirety progression
that’s in turn complemented with the absolutely
endorsed guarantees of a visibly wide-ranging,
stupendous and a significantly advantageous,
decidedly inspired, approvingly determined
and, of course, white-western civilization.

One that’s in complete tandem with a prudently thought out,
studiously catered for, structurally adopted, persistently
promoted, proudly proselytized and comparably an
all-inclusively embraced western-emulated type
society. Alas, though, there is one foremost
discrepancy which I personally perceive.
For this unmistakably distracting fallacy, notwithstanding
your hyperbolic but none the less idiotic clamour for it,
is not what I see when I carefully check your better
than everything else going which is on offer and
naturally outclassed by your superior western
society! But, accordingly, dolefully leaves
unsuccessfully unexplained exactly why
it is that so many people within Britain
and together with the rest of the west
habitually resort to taking their own
lives if, as you haughtily maintain
it’s western society per se, which
consistently not only offers but
also delivers nowt but the best.

© Stanley V. Collymore
22 November 2017.

Author’s Remarks:
In the wake of the enforced resignation of Robert Mugabe the democratically elected President of Zimbabwe on the 21st of November 2017 and someone who I’ve always respected and supported, and nothing will ever change that, and in conjunction with the 54th anniversary of the assassination of J.F Kennedy the President of the United States on this day, the 22nd November 2017 and two people who gave their all to bringing about meaningful change not only in their respective country but also the rest of a still pathetically sick world I wholeheartedly and proudly dedicate this poem to both of them, in the full knowledge that when their detractors and haters are long gone and easily forgotten they will eternally live on in the hearts and minds of as yet unborn generations, as the great men they undoubtedly were.

I was born in the west and grew up there but I’ve never been a slave to so-called western values and the arrogance that is assumed when normally speaking about it that most people adopt, that everything that smacks of civilization had its genesis within western society and by definition those run exclusively by white Caucasians, which isn’t just a fallacy but to put it bluntly is absolutely utter crap.

However, I don’t automatically think that everything associated with the west is evil and other regions of the world are areas of enlightenment for that also is totally nonsensical. One only has to look at Bantu Saudi: that Persian Gulf cesspit to comprehend what I mean or Burma, as I still call it, just to name two examples of murderous entities that inflict this planet earth.

My attitude therefore has been one of drawing on all things that I know and feel confident with and am equally convinced will improve intellectually and in numerous other beneficial ways my own personality as a human being.

What you do with your life however is a matter entirely for you, but don’t be surprised if those who think like I do retaliate and do so with every resource at our disposal if you assume that your concept of white western “civilization” or any other for that matter is the epitome of everything that should and must exist because you think so.

The assumed reasonableness of being thoroughly unreasonable!

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By Stanley Collymore

I work for you, or more accurately the firm of which you’ve
been made its CEO. A both coveted and expected position
that you’ve been keenly after ever since you joined this
listed and prestigious company, after your stipulated
period at university. Oxbridge, of course, having
previously, like all such wealthy scum and the
invariably cuckolded offspring of the privileged elites been
expensively groomed for such important positions across
the entire spectra of the mutually British political and
economic systems; and, completely naturally and
unchallengeably, it’s automatically presumed,
the predictably, and justifiably so, route to
promotional stardom, and unqualified
success for identifiable privileged
elite patricians like yourselves.

And no reason to guess why. Because ostensibly you’re
all of you by the divine grace of God to the Manor
born. The indisputable masters, mistresses and,
consistently always right, white Caucasian
controllers who are and moreover must
always be at liberty as you jolly well
please, to be the indefatigable exploiters of those
whom in your self-declared prominence as the
presumed echelons of society, which in this
somewhat delusional and evidently manic
frame of mind that you see and likewise
consider yourselves as being in as you
both continue to and similarly delight
in playing your injurious game, can
with unflawed entitlement, as you
see it, typically and sarcastically
look down on while despicably
and insensitively characterize those whom you
virulently despise as either totally useless at
worst or, at best – when they willingly or
are callously and manipulatively lined
up with your kind against the rest of
normal society: conspicuously the
working classes and specifically
ethnically designated, British
born and bred communities;
as Useful Idiot, Plebeians!

Nothing less in these predictably unseemly circumstances
than a decidedly untenable, thoroughly sociopathically
wrong and an exceedingly and corruptly ingrained
situation conjoined with a particularly invidious
position to callously, egotistically and forever
place millions of conventional, decent, hard-
working and ordinary Britons in. And all
this intentionally, nevertheless, framed by the spurious
and perpetually malevolent assumptions, which are
senselessly conceived and deeply ingrained in the
impertinently misguided and equally delusional
conception that some people, specifically and
singularly yourselves, the alleged privileged
elites, are naturally and thus automatically
communally, intellectually and in every
other genuinely, positive sense vastly
and hence genetically superior, and
always will be, to everyone else.

A eugenically based deduction, which although long
and provably discredited for what it actually is, is
even so clung on to tenaciously by your kind to
vindicate your counterfeit assertion, which is
intensely embedded in your derisorily sick
and absolutely whacky minds, that your
sort alone, and no one else, is the ultimate embodiment
of mankind and naturally the very best of humanity.
Dream on white man or woman, for this person
whom you contemptuously see and can only
perceive as a Nigger, and consequentially
as someone rather inferior to you isn’t
in any way, whatever, going to buy
that shit. And as we’re ostensibly
in the 21st Century why don’t
you, if you’re so intelligent
and superior as you claim
to be, jointly with your
other racial: “Useful
Idiots”, ditch that
heap of shit and
be done with it?

© Stanley V. Collymore
18 November 2017.

Author’s Remarks:
In the veritable class-obsessed cesspit that has long been an integral embodiment of all the four constituent parts of the United Kingdom: England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, it’s a safe bet that this perverse, longstanding, ludicrous and utterly laughable state of affairs, were it not so bloody serious a matter, will indubitably last for several generations to come.

For personally I don’t see those who claim that they run the United Kingdom, albeit at the strict behest of Yidland and its AIPAC and other Yid lobbies noticeably in Rogue State USA, toadying Britain, most of the European Union and across the rest of mainland Europe along with their British cap-doffing to their alleged social betters contributors, ever changing their warped mind-set anytime soon.

Their problem not mine I must truthfully say. For as long as they don’t get in my way or my face with their bizarre and lunatic crap in which case I’ll respond most effectively with every resource that I can lay my hands on, then from my perspective they can do whatever the fuck they like. After all, they do kid themselves that they live in a democracy!

There is absolutely nothing wrong in either intelligently having or beneficially developing confidence in one’s self or one’s natural abilities, and if additionally, one altruistically does this as well for the good and betterment of others so much the better.

However, to asininely assume and then just as idiotically and likewise malevolently work on the puerile, offensive and thoroughly detrimental to others premise that because one was born through accidental, intentionally cuckolding, or even normal marital means and conventional circumstances into an opulently-based and socially advantaged situation, that any of these state of affairs on their own, and without any positive contribution in any shape or form subsequently on the part of the person who was born, automatically and permanently accords to that particular individual involved the inalienable right, as he or she sees fit, to gratuitously subject those that they assume, in tandem with their egocentric and hubristic airs and graces, are unquestionably inferior to themselves and therefore they have the unchallengeable right to condescendingly look down on them and, in this process, routinely despise them with abysmal contempt, and itself coupled with a perverse belief that they can also callously and uncaringly, like the earthly Gods and Goddesses that they consider themselves to be and as such have the inalienable right to lord it over those they innately consider to be their inferiors, isn’t only the height of idiocy but also in the most mind-boggling fashion absolutely beggars belief.

And questions whether such pathetic clowns – the Eton, Harrow, misnomer Cheltenham Ladies College, Oxford and Cambridge, the so-called Oxbridge universities types and the routine products of these socially parasitic and privileged buy one get the rest free perennial cesspits – and who pathetically wallow in their self-acclaimed but unwarranted status – ever heard of the term meritocracy?

Obviously not, it would seem! And if they have it clearly doesn’t register with this invidious scum. And the reason is simple! For they’re patently not as perceptive, clever, commandingly brilliant or superior as they would have you perceived Plebeians believe. So all the more fool you for falling for their execrable scam!

Since when has reciprocally falling in love been a crime? Unless she’s White and he’s Black!

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By Stanley Collymore

How could you, as a white British woman, dare to quit England
and in the process of doing so callously and most despicably
dessert not only your own children but likewise and most
significantly too, which was a decidedly contemptible
thing to do, your white, English husband; and all
this without the slightest care in the world for
the harm to them that you were doing and,
furthermore, in a state of utter remiss, totally embark on a
pre-planned, it would seem, situation as regards what
you were undertaking in respect of another man,
and who, additionally, is quite unmistakably
a foreigner and vitally a Black, Gambian
African! Oh dear me! What on earth
ever swayed you Heidi to do such
an extremely repugnant thing?

Leaving, without an individual care in the world it appears,
what’s demonstrably a civilized England to actually go
over there to Gambia, Africa and willingly electing
to live in an open and adulterous liaison with a
far younger and quite clearly a less cultured
human being than you could ever expect
to find among whites here at home in
Britain! A Black and African man
no less, who’s fourteen years your junior on that Dark
African continent. And even now that you’ve gone
and done this dreadful thing, you still don’t see
any reason, it seems, why you should relent,
sensibly reverse what you’ve imprudently
done, promptly return home to Britain
and sanely your white British family.
And, of course, in exactly rational
terms the markedly recognizable,
detectably distinguishable and
the indisputably enlightened,
white Caucasian civilization
and highly developed First
World kingdom Britain is!

© Stanley V. Collymore
15 November 2017.

Author’s Remarks:
This poem was specifically written for Heidi Hepworth and Mamadou Jallow and according is dedicated to both of them.

Even the very best of intentional, personal relationships and marriages do sometimes for a diversity of understandable and even at times wholly inexplicable reasons come a cropper. And unless you are personally either directly involved in the problems that are themselves besetting any of these relationships or are specifically either in a personal or professional capacity asked for your input into attempting to resolve the aforementioned problematical situation(s) by those who‘re directly involved in them and who these problems affect the most, then quite frankly what has already transpired or otherwise is ongoingly so, is none of your business. Let alone for you to arrogantly assume or egotistically assert some specious right to interfere and furthermore on a judgemental basis in what has nothing to do with you and as is more often than not the case in a state of affairs where you’re wholly unfamiliar with all the relevant facts.

And therefore it’s particularly odious, hypocritical and distinctly smacks absolutely of rank double standards when you or others like you impertinently apply characteristically obvious and subjective criterion or criteria to some situations that you’re evidently biased in favour of yet waste neither the opportunity you feel you’re presented with nor the time to be caustically and vitriolic in other situations even when they are similar to the ones you favour or are even less troublesome, as is often the case, than they are. And such prejudiced conduct is not only quite unwarranted it also stinks to high Heaven.

John Major the former British Prime Minister had a consensual affair with Edwina Currie a similar Tory MP and equally a UK regime Cabinet Minister. Both parties were married at the time of this affair and John Major is still with his wife of the time. Paddy Ashdown, a former leader of the British Liberal Democratic Party (The Lib-Dems) was also a married man at the time of his longstanding affair. So too was Tony Blair – and the entire world well knows who this mass murderer is – saw nothing wrong in shagging the Chinese wife of his Aussie-cum- Rogue State USA citizen and political mentor Rupert Murdoch. Then, of course, there is the current French President Emmanuel Macron who as a school boy in his teens formed a very sexually unhealthy and entirely immoral relationship with Brigitte his teacher at the time and the woman who is now his wife.

Brigitte: born on the 13 April 1953 was considerably older than Emanuel who was himself born on the 21 December 1977, so simply work the not too difficult arithmetical conundrum out for yourself. But what personally appals me and as someone who has spent the vast majority of my time in education, teaching English at every conceivable level, is that any teacher or lecturer having an emotional or sexual relationship with his or her pupil or student is in my book not worthy to be a teacher and at worst is a sick paedophile, and especially so when the teacher or lecturer is almost 40 years’ old and the pupil or student is just approaching 16 years old. And they’re just the tip of this odiously hypocritical iceberg.

But contrast the double standards and the venomous cannonade levelled at Heidi Hepworth a white British woman, aged 44 years’ old who freely left her husband and children in the UK to go and live in the Gambia, Africa with the Black man Mamadou Jallow that she’s fallen in love with and rather understandably clearly wants to be with. Both members of this obviously romantic couple are adults and significantly so consensual ones to what they’re both lovingly and romantically doing. But you could be easily forgiven for not thinking so as she’s branded by the white British media as more or less a slut who has unforgivably given up her husband and children to move to Africa to be with her “toy boy”.

Was the term “slut” ever applied by these media morons to Edwina Currie or Camilla who repeatedly horned Princess Diana with her husband Prince Charles?And has the terminology of toy boy ever been applied to Brigitte Macron, the now First Lady of France? The simple answer is categorically “NO” and you shouldn’t, if you’ve got any sense, hold your breath on any of these white privileged and other examples I assure you, as you won’t see it in print or ever hear it coming out of the white controlled British and western media.

In the meantime, Heidi Hepworth’s estranged husband casually and condemnatory labels her actions in the media as a “mid-life crisis”. Was Camilla‘s a mid-life crisis when from the outset she undertook her longstanding affair with Charles prompting Diana to say there were always three persons in her marriage? Was Edwina Currie a similar mid-life crisis? And don’t men have mid-life crises; for the way I see it if it’s an okay terminology for women why not men also? A logical deduction I would have thought! People have affairs for all sorts of reasons and sometimes none at all. And rather than castigate those involved why if you’re so keen on finding out why, ask them directly instead of speculating.

Everyone from the British Royal Family right down to the lowliest man and woman on your average run-down council estate have affairs of one sort or another and if someone leaves you, instead of blabbing to the media British or other purported mainstream media where the so-called journalists there, more realistically sonographers, who work for them have sex and private lives that would make your average British sewerage system smell like an exotic and flagrant bed of roses, try realistically and sensibly sorting your problems out privately. And if I were in Heidi Hepworth’s shoes or she did ever ask my advice on this matter my response would be simple. Your husband should grow up and realize that some of the responsibility for the collapse of your marriage can’t be laid solely at your feet.

And as someone who once worked as a volunteer for the British Marriage Guidance Council, now Relate, I’ve heard it all before. Arrogant spouses, mostly men but also women, who just can’t see the woods for the trees and just take their marriage for granted until it disastrously for them collapses in front of their eyes. And I happily take this opportunity to wish Heidi and Mamadou all the very best for their future in Africa. With the satisfaction of doing so that these ignorant, white, racist bastards and bitches who sanctimoniously like to condemn mixed race relationships can’t accuse Heidi of bringing a BLACK MAN and “potential scrounger” into Britain. How that must fucking well irk you!

More not less sleaze, please! After all, we’re British MPs! (Poem)

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By Stanley Collymore

White Brits of every social strand, educational background
and equally the two recognizably known, time-provably
enduring, naturally biologically prescribed – whether
by the hand of God Himself or through Nature on
his behalf – globally commonly acknowledged,
correspondingly extensively accepted and thus reputably
honoured genders, in addition to those putative others
and perceptibly bogus ones dubiously rolled out in
these current times that numerous campaigning
advocates of them including these self-same
Britons, who in their absolutely perverse,
malicious at times and also perverted
delusions both pledge to as staunch
zealots of, as well as misguidedly
at best, and rather illogically at
its worst credit to themselves.

Then haughtily in their absurdly proselytized assertions
demand that the entirely sane and normal everyday
occupants among the British population at large
and comparably elsewhere in other evidently
autonomous and sovereign nations of the
broader world must likewise like them
diligently aspire to, amenably follow and naturally too in
this idiotic process, self-servingly, unconditionally and
unambiguously sexually capitalize upon. While, on
the other hand, similarly renowned for intensely,
purposely, most fraudulently and thoroughly
unreservedly propagandizing the already
well-publicized but decidedly none the
less phoney conception based on the
constructed moral opinion that all
white Britons aren’t personally
basically cautiously diffident
but are additionally overtly
respectably circumspect
when it comes to the artfully encouraged and
provocatively carnal inveiglement of sex.
Hence the well-drilled and absorbedly
specious UK mantra no less of: “No
sex please, for we are (and thus,
it’s to be intuitively assumed)
perceptibly, white British!”

A conjecture that very often and much more realistically
fitting in its subliminal, entirely far-fetched, racially
constructed and bizarrely employed execution, is
a most rigorous and rather purposely engaged
in state of affairs that from a calculatedly
white British, pompously affected and
even a self-evident and an evidently
implausibly deluded position which bears no tangible
resemblance whatsoever to what actually in private
at home in Britain, or more frequently so when
white Brits, either individually or otherwise
in their collective numbers, habitually go
overseas on their vacation. Every day
manifestations, from the customary
home-based cuckolding and their
regularized, adulterous affairs
that are actively engaged in,
wanton and unmistakably
clandestine displays of
chronicled situations
linking, on the one
hand, exquisitely
delightful and

But on the other side of this equation is the
frighteningly dark side of the delusional
exclusivist, self-absorbedly pompous,
implausibly licentious, degenerate,
British privileged elites and our
MPs sequential, insulting and
predatory sexual activities.

© Stanley V. Collymore
9 November 2017.

Author’s Remarks:
So it’s a no-brainer, won’t you say, that as honourable and responsible MPs and naturally too as members of that coterie of privileged elites of Britain to which we justly belong that we’re thoroughly entitled, and entirely from the perspective if nothing else of simply who and what we irrefutably are and, of course as well, from our obviously elected legislative and decidedly advantaged positions to determine what’s best for everyone and de facto the entire nation.

And to that must additionally be added the immensely important and specifically bolstering portfolio, parliamentary-speaking, of what from our very own incalculably, knowledgeable point of view and personal experiences may superficially on the surface appear to be prima face acts of chance or even gross and serial immorality, but when carefully and impartially examined by us MPs turn out instead to be concerted actions of malicious and mendacious gossips or worst still malevolent disparagements that most categorically bear no semblance whatsoever to the honesty as apart from the calumny of the genuine situation being talked about, examined or media-wise reported on.

So please, as MPs we earnestly urge you to get rid of these spurious allegations about us and others our kind from your ill-informed minds, and both intelligently and charitably subscribe to the enshrined principle of due process in the face of these entirely groundless allegations that can correctly be likened to one gratuitously spitting in a gusty breeze. And fully accept on the part of the United Kingdom that, those of us who’re most honoured to be part of this divinely blessed and outstanding nation must reciprocally in grateful recognition of our MPs onerous workloads and unquestionably special needs accord to them the automatic right to personally and unceasingly indulge in far more and most certainly not less sleaze!

The exciting debut, Nikita of a mutual and meaningful friendship (Poem)

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By Stanley Collymore

In the strictest sense of the genuine meaning of the word and
itself linked with any realistic conceivability that you and
I are essentially complete strangers to each other Nikita,
and for the recognizably simple reason of us having
only been conscious about the existence of each
other, and subsequent to that communicated
with one another only through the various correspondences
we voluntarily engaged in, and doing so in accordance
with the general instructions specifically stipulated
by the Storywrite: literary and short stories and,
equally so, the All Poetry: exclusively poetry,
hosting sites which we’re both members of.

And as a direct consequence of this particularly
spontaneous but, all the same, a most genial
association constructed in accordance of
this contextual situation the requisite
mechanisms for us as we availably
and beneficially took to utilizing
the highly effective forums of
these two select and fitting
platforms to valuably air
and also constructively
nurture our personal,
short stories, and
exceedingly as
well thought

And it’s primarily because of this, in effect something
that fundamentally began its existence in the most
ancillary of circumstances, that this intriguing
kinship, and in partnership with it, the truly
amazing stirrings of what could possibly
turn out to be the intuitive cannonade,
the expectant antecedent and the formal foundation
of a very encouraging, significantly stimulating
and a decisively rewarding friendship could
be positively born, and in the succeeding
process resourcefully develop a highly
consuming intoxication of its own.
But a more realistic deduction is
that whatever, and particularly
if anything substantive does
transpire from the airing of
these wilder speculations,
that such an analysis will
initially in all probability
and tangibly be wholly,
shrewdly and skilfully
conducted on a long-
distance, singly and
informative basis.

© Stanley V. Collymore
6 November 2017.

Author’s Comments:
In the rather twisted, delusional, utterly self-serving, attention seeking and arrogant world that many across the globe have not only asininely created for themselves but also and especially so in the so-called western world likewise ensconced themselves in, friendship, and I’m specifically referring to genuine friendship and not the idiotically contrived kind of perverse relationships masquerading as what they patently are not, and into which many and increasingly by the day numerous people rather dimwittedly, for there is no other more fitting terminology to employ with such morons, happily, and seemingly contentedly in the process, ensconce themselves in.

Now that’s all well and good some people might argue, and I curiously agree as long as those who are directly involved objectively keep this kind of behaviour to themselves and don’t consciously or indirectly undertake to impact negatively with their nonsenses on the lives of others who in turn knowingly don’t want to be a part of what they’re doing, and worst still odiously proselytizing. But sadly and most unfortunately this very often is not the case.

Meanwhile, added to this inimical equation is the glaring fact that in the 21st Century, significant numbers of people everywhere globally have lost the art, assuming of course that they were either gifted with or had sensibly acquired such a thing in the first place, of skilfully, articulately and constructively communicating with other people and through this process garnering the social skills, knowledge, objectivity and the necessary confidence to successfully embark on new and particularly meaningful relationships of any kind.

And what’s more, and something that in its very nature is both inimical and equally soul destroying in all this and especially for those who genuinely in a state of open-mindedness in their approach to new friendships and consequently approach their induction and do so not with an iota of an ulterior motive, invariably find themselves idiotically and quite often even malevolently, in response, on the receiving end of those with the most spurious of motives, that in the most half-baked of situations are direly employed against them.

As for myself I never give such numbskulls the chance of acting in such an untoward manner towards me and when I act, having given the situation significant thought in the first place as in everything that I do, I make my intentions unambiguously clear so that there’s no possible likelihood, however remotely so, of any misunderstanding on the part of the other person or persons that I’m dealing with.

And it’s with this well-established criterion on my part, and one that’s well and truly tested and has been for several decades now and still ongoing that I meticulously always put into operation when thinking of or in actual terms embarking on any possible meaningful or otherwise substantial friendship, as wholly distinct from acquaintanceships that are as distinctly removed from each other as night is from day. So to this end I’ve decided to pen and dedicate this article and its attendant poem as a pleasant surprise to Nikita Ghosh whose first name appears in the title of both the article and poem.

I need a new start, not have my failed love life recycled for me! (Poem)

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By Stanley Collymore

You audaciously approached me and confidently introduced yourself
to me, after which you sportingly and interestingly spoke to me, a
conversation in which quite engagingly you told me, while in
the process dexterously persuading me with all the prowess
that you could muster to listen to every word of what you
were appealingly saying to me, and noticeably doing so
with all the composure, indisputable conviction, and
the unfettered sophistication of an unquestionably cultured and
humorous gentleman who strikingly in elucidation but even
so delightfully, calmly and most decisively, knew with a
perceptibly undiminished intelligibility and unbridled
certainty what he was distinctly after. Then ensued
to totally and uninhibitedly readily convince me
that from the very start – in effect the precise
moment that you first saw me, how you’d
become beguilingly besotted with me.

And consequently if how you felt about me was the undoubted
stirrings of love for me, then quite unreservedly, as well as
unapologetically, your unmitigated plea relative to how
exactly you both emotionally and romantically cared
for me was, you additionally frankly stated, most
emphatically simply a combined situation, in
logical terms, of your being positively but
also shamelessly guilty of having deeply
and fervently fallen in love with me.
However, secretly on the rebound from a
rather nasty, malevolently controlling,
one-sidedly giving – you’ve guessed
it absolutely correctly that it was
exclusively me doing all the
giving in that marital relationship – an
especially psychologically unrewarding, most
damaging emotionally and an unfalteringly
subjected to serially adulterous, and a
pernicious nightmare of a marriage
that I eventually summoned up
what little courage I had left
to finally free myself from
a domineering brute of
a husband via taking
the pragmatic step
which previously
I ought to have
engaged on,
and simply
this man.

And on having achieved that, my undoubted lack of
self-confidence fastened to my perceived, deeply
embedded and an intrinsically, socially fearful
embarrassment of my being a failure as a
wife that I firmly construed as being all
my fault, and which previously and
collectively had cowardly precluded me from
lawfully embarking on what quite naturally
and understandably should unequivocally
have been an entirely understandable,
feasible and a reasonable course of
action level-headedly filing for a
divorce from this monster of a
man that I’d voluntarily and
fondly married, somewhat
regrettably for me I can
only say hadn’t earlier
and quite regrettably
didn’t occur to me.

However, with that now done and notwithstanding
the evident and unaccustomed to situation of me
being a woman who was now completely as it
happened on my own, and to whom all this
was pragmatically something of a rather
worrying innovation for me, I was all
the same quite persevering, as I did
everything physically achievable
in my power to reassure myself
of this, that I was at last free
and consequently entirely at liberty to do what I
convincingly and honestly regarded was best
both for me and my future. And although I
was likewise completely aware of what a
testing undertaking it would obviously
be to lastingly bury the past, totally
forget what I’d petrifyingly and
improperly allowed myself to
occur to me, while insanely
and lastingly discarding
my irrefutably aimless
but specified role, in
name only I readily
confess, as a wife
although luckily,
and thank God
not as a Mum,
and accordingly having mercifully
escaped from those absolutely
depressing aforementioned
circumstances reasonably
sensibly and with luck
confidently move on
surely with my life.

This is my earnest ambition and, in effect, what I’d
genuinely like for things in their fullest fruition
but most specifically in respect of myself to
be, although realistically the subsequent
outcome, I’m fully aware, could very
well be a wholly different scenario,
in lots of complicated and even
somewhat perplexing ways,
from what optimistically in my steadfast hopes
and honest aspirations I would certainly and
undoubtedly quite prefer for the eventual
end result to be. Yet here you evidently
are, and basically something which I
mustn’t opportunely overlook nor
casually forget, a total stranger
to me and declaring the kind
of absorbing things that my
motivated heart truthfully
wants to hear but on the
contrary my distinctly
wary head, however,
is a lot cagier about?
And in this unclear
process robustly
throwing, I can
genuinely say,
my emotional
balance into
a condition

So how then am I supposed to honestly know much less
so clear-headedly, correctly and indisputably deduce
with any absolute certainty that’s obviously and
understandably triggered and then spurred on
by the provocateurs of my preceding and
unhappy circumstances, that what you
purposefully claim you’re sincerely
saying to me isn’t fundamentally
nothing more than the selfishly
manufactured fantasy of a very vivid imagination that
is itself linked with the egotistical and deliberately
unequivocal self-aggrandizing machinations of
an entirely conniving as well as a thoroughly
seasoned Lothario, whose deftly executed
but nevertheless unsupported flattering
declarations of undying love for me
consciously have no affinity at all
with the latter or for that matter,
credibly makes any concession
for the affirmation of reality.

A state of affairs, which if not examined by me and earnestly
challenged if necessary could in all probability, and at the
least, be ruthlessly, falsely, intentionally malevolently,
totally self-servingly and, in all of this, rather injuriously
to me, be unscrupulously employed to cast me back to
the entirely untenable situation that with substantial
difficulty, but even so, I did in the end succeed in
fleeing from. An appalling situation that had previously and
inescapably for me, while I was helplessly ensnared by it,
emphatically rendered me a nobody, who was likewise
perceived as somebody who was only worthy of the
greatest disdain; therefore, the uncivil appellation
which then in reality and now in most wounding
remembrance I still inescapably bear the scars
of, and don’t mind admitting that I do resent.

So what’s it to be my unfamiliar but all the same relentless
suitor? And before you sally forth with any of your glib
answers I’d like for you this time to think carefully
about what you might wish to say to me as you
likewise bear in mind this genuine request of
mine. For I’d personally like for you to supply me with an
honest and original answer whatever that might be. For
only then can I truly satisfy myself by what you’ve
said or crucially omitted in your explanation to
me whether, as you’d like for me to believe,
this supposed adoration by you for me is
genuinely the dawning of a bright and
rather meaningful future for the two
of us together. Or conceivably the
quite gripping but meretricious
beginning of an illusionary romantic mirage
that could well prove to be immeasurably
detrimental to the emotional welfare of
a still unsure of herself and therefore
a highly vulnerable woman like me!

© Stanley V. Collymore
1 November 2017.

Author’s Comments:
Inevitably, at some time or other, most people regardless of who they are, what their racial or ethnic origins might be, irrespective of their religious, agnostic or atheistic views, what they do or don’t do for a living, their personally identifiable class, social or educational background; their ingrained political loyalties or none, the power and or influence that they wield or more like than not the manipulated sycophancy that they readily subvert themselves to, how grotesquely and graspingly rich or generally pathetically and miserably poor they happen to be; how immaturely young or seasoned old they are, what their birth or subsequently acquired nationality is, the robust state or otherwise of their health and daily life, or where in the world they either choose or are forced to live, whether they’re incarcerated in prison or at liberty to live and lead their own life as they see fit, will unhappily and even emotionally destructive for them find themselves romantically spurned by at least one and possibly even several prospective lovers and thus be very much on the dismissive end of a love that they’ve both willingly and freely offered to another person but which in return is roundly rejected as it is likewise unreciprocated.

Well, there’s a general saying that there’s no accounting for personal taste and amidst the vicissitudes of everyday life when it actually comes to factoring into the love stakes this truism couldn’t be any more applicable than it already is. And not unsurprising in this love equation is how each affected individual specifically reacts to his or her romantic rejection that in turn depends on a number of tangible as well as imperceptible factors.

For instance, there are those who’ll use the fallout from their rejection, painful as it might be, to judiciously and sensibly re-examine their personal approach to all future romantic affairs that directly involve themselves and then use the information they’ve collated and the analysis they’re arrived at as a fitting platform to more solidly construct for themselves what exactly it is that they actually want from life in terms of romance, and having ascertained that accordingly get on with it.

Others though tend to dwell inordinately on their rejection and as a consequence of that become bitter and twisted persons for the rest of their life. However, there are those who on reflexion see their rejection as a providential escape for them and gratefully thank their lucky stars for the enforced situation that at the time they were placed in. But unfortunately there will be those who finding themselves utterly despondent at what has happened to them will seek release from their perceived shame and embarrassment by killing themselves.

Then there’s another category of persons who obsessively imbued with a manifestly pronounced and delusional sense of their own egotistical importance and the perverse notion of how dare anyone do something like this to me, will malevolently set out for the remainder of their pathetic life to exact revenge. And prompts the obvious question, for me anyway, which of these categories, or none of them, do you consider yourself as belonging to? Or perhaps you’re one of those android-type creatures totally and uncaringly devoid of all emotional feelings. And the characteristically sentient and sane among us Homo sapiens will intuitively know the sorts of individuals I’m specifically referring to.

For we routinely observe them on a daily basis unwarrantedly, incompetently, corruptly and criminally occupying our supposedly democratic, but we know otherwise, parliaments, other institutionalized fora of power and influence and effectively postulating themselves not only as parliamentarians but even more seriously and worryingly so as prime ministers, cabinet ministers and even presidents of our respective countries.

Disproportionately so, it must be cogently stated, to their actual numbers in the much wider population that significantly comprises us Homo sapiens and that these alien oiks have both manipulatively and controlling foisted themselves upon, while ludicrously and risibly, if it wasn’t such a bloody serious matter, ascribing to themselves the bogus epithet of the “privileged elites”. Among whom I often wonder? And so far I’ve been unable to discern either a clear-cut or convincing answer to this idiotic conundrum of theirs!

What would we Brits do without having the weather to talk or moan about, eh? (Poem)

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By Stanley Collymore

Why do we needlessly keep cherishing the seasons in Britain
when in actuality there’s no difference nowadays between
any of them? I say this because I can well remember
the time when there was a clear distinction, let’s
say, between Spring and Winter but woefully
those days are long gone; and when, pray
tell, can you honestly remember or else vividly recall
when we all had good old-fashioned pristine snow
and lots of it on Christmas Day and the rest of
the time too, which to every one of us who,
overall, fortunately and specifically knew
and actually felt that it was most aptly
and becoming in the circumstances
to be attributed and labelled as a
cyclic change and winter time.

Instead, our current and allegedly winter-weather as
well as Winter itself have decidedly morphed into
rather poor facsimiles of essentially and quite
strikingly what was formerly Spring, while
Spring itself has bafflingly been radically
transformed into a drab, dreary, grimly
snowy-white and the evident facade
for a conventional winter-type scenario where, not
infrequent to see, hail storms, snow downpours
and all manner of icy cold and gusty weather
profusely bombards our British landscape
with total impunity, and in this process
ridiculously fashioning in the making
a decidedly Artic-type environment
that in numerous respects, and for
me in all frankness is manifestly
less exciting or in any weighty
sense uplifting weather-wise
as one could pragmatically
expect to find in Iceland
let alone in Greenland.

For all that this climatic commotion with its comparative
attendant and, for me, debilitating anxiety and infernal
annoyance basically does, is to strongly emphasize
the accustomed and exasperating British social
custom and culture of incessantly talking at
every stipulated probability or concocted
opportunity afforded to them, for most
Brits to rather garrulously talk about the bloody weather,
whether in standard, as well improvised or intuitively
manufactured conversations. Seemingly, the only
clear thing in a country, the United Kingdom,
where the majority of people either visibly
with a distinct apathetic attitude towards
or a perceptible and at best minimalist
opinion, or convincingly none at all,
on most things regularly; however
when it absolutely involves the
British weather, none the less
conspicuously and precisely
have no reticence at all in
strongly exhibiting their
longsuffering and more
consensual unanimity.

© Stanley V. Collymore
27 October 2017.

Author’s Remarks:
Essentially while this is a tongue-in-the cheek article and poem there’s nevertheless more than a grain of salt in relation to the truth and about what I’m saying. And whether one believes that the kinds of unpredictable weather patterns that we’ve been experiencing for some time is as a direct consequence of global warming that itself stems from the inconsiderate and even malicious actions brought about by human activities or are simply the result of a cyclical situation that has been going on for millennia and ever since this inhabited planet we live on and call Earth was created, or is a combination in greater or lesser form of these two things, is for every one of you who is all that bothered to make your own analytical judgement on.

Then, of course, there are the speculative suggestions that mankind, who has both been a general benefit as well as an infernal curse to this planet we call home while often quite arrogantly and most conveniently forgetting that there are other species of animals as well as other creatures that live here too and in most cases have been on Earth for far longer than Homo sapiens has been, have embarked on and even managed to utilize insidious means, these elements of human kind obsessed with their ludicrous and delusional notions of superiority coupled with a divine right to rule and control everyone and everything on this planet and just as idiotically feel themselves imbued with an unchallengeable right to the perceived concept of their own exclusivism in all matters, to effectively control the weather and malevolently use it for their own purposes and endeavours, is another bone of contention we apparently have to deal with.

Truthfully, I’ve no categorical proof that anything of the sort in respect of the weather is happening, but putting that aside and fully knowledgeable about the kind of people that this human scum are, I personally wouldn’t put anything past them.

Suffice to say that whoever does what or nothing at all to the weather there’s nothing that I can personally and on my own do about it nor want to idly speculate about for that matter. For I guess that in being basically a Brit what essentially I want to, and like others prefer to do, and specifically in my case when I’ve nothing better to do, is like all the rest of you, in one way or the other, to culturally moan about it.

The Rapist! (Poem)

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By Stanley Collymore

You boastfully claim you not only love sex and consequently in
the bargain of doing so as the definitely skilled connoisseur
that you openly say you are in expertly recognizing and
when disposed to always befittingly addressing the sexual
requirements of those who’ve been rather privileged to
have themselves skilfully serviced by you, you additionally
state in the most self-centred way that you can modestly
manage to do that this state of affairs fully explains,
or self-evidently should do, why it is that you’re
not only evidently and immensely empathetic
towards sex but likewise in these expressed
conditions are thoroughly addicted to it.

And therefore and quite understandably, as you additionally
explain in your rather irrational and ridiculous manner,
accounts for why you’re obliged to habitually have
sex, irrespective of whether those persons whom
you’ve specifically selected for your routine
occurrences of sexual manipulation and your individual
glorification end up either meekly or even willingly
eager and excitedly complying with your carnal
demands of them as choice-less pawns in the
matter, and then noticeably manipulatively
swayed, in the interim, by you that what
they’re carnally ensuring isn’t simply
typical procedure, but furthermore
is rightfully and compatibly for
them an intensely innate and
compelling desire which is
both subconsciously and
naturally being sprung
from inside of them.

So driven by such irresistible cravings and indomitable
circumstances then, the only realistic, sensible and
rational response expected from them is not to
pointlessly resist this enthralling and clearly
inevitable outcome, but instead to firmly
and welcomingly, instantly, spiritedly,
gratefully both go along with and completely embrace
this arbitrary scenario that you always put to your
star-crossed and helpless victims and therefore
anticipatorily expect to superciliously from
your obviously assumed position of total
command and absolute influence over
them casually and always easily get
away without any punishments at
all, with whatever it is that you
persistently and evilly doing.

An absolute and uncompromising hubris on your part that
countenances no understanding whatsoever of the orally
expressed, emotionally demonstrated or the naturally
connected with both of these and consequently the
decidedly unflattering opinions regarding what
you, as these victim’s undisputed rapist, are
coercively and unconscionably doing to them. Incidences
that quite evidently don’t matter in the slightest to you,
or would they even when one factors into the other
sexual abuses’ equation what you are similarly
desirous of perpetrating when indulging in
your accustomed illegal and discernibly
appalling sexually abusive behaviour.

For in your noticeably twisted, utterly sickening and totally
egotistic calculation of this solely untenable and outright
demeaning situation that you’re always so desirous of
imposing on others, and where the perverse evil of
your hectic opportunism enmeshed supportively
with the analysed deduction of your intensely
believed in and just as inflexibly practised
aberrant sexual actions are, in essence, as much an integral
part of your own sexual exploitations as the habitually
stipulated, diligently devised, established planning
and the subsequent utilization of these numerous
things that in turn, and matching these several
other specified and sexual forms of human
violations, do unambiguously, as a direct
consequence of all this, unforgettably,
irrefutably and unforgivably in such
circumstances, definitely sets you
totally apart from conventional
humans to struggle endlessly
as what you clearly are and
will always be, a highly
revolting and a most
uncharitable rapist!

© Stanley V. Collymore
25 October 2017.

Author’s Remarks:
To start with, and in the process making it abundantly and unequivocally clear, this is no jumping onto any current or other bandwagon on my part regarding the issues of rape, sexual abuse and violence, which I’ve written about in this article and the attendant poem also entitled The Rapist.

And it has nothing at all to do with either insensitivity or the lack of a caring and empathetic attitude by me. Rather the contrary I would say. And to be perfectly honest with you my reason for purposefully taking this stance that jumping on bandwagons, and what’s more gratuitously so, is totally alien to my character and something that I am adamantly, totally unapologetically and antipathetic towards.

For I utterly detest self-righteous, self-serving, bogus sanctimoniously and contrived grief and abhorrence prats of both genders, regardless of who they are, what they do for a living or have no such thing, or what power and influence they have over others, a situation that I never submit to and especially if it’s a coercive or manipulative one.

So I’ll be blunt! I consider rape and sexual abuse to be wrong and this irrespective and in line with whoever the perpetrators or the victims are.

Yes, it’s a state of affairs that community-wise as well as globally has been around for millennia, but even so as mankind supposedly becomes better well-informed and more “civilized” and with the evils of rape and sexual abuse increasingly recognized and accepted as such it can only be hoped that these acts will be determinedly challenged, prosecuted – regardless of the social position of the perpetrators – and the REAL, as apart from the self-advertising and self-serving victims, more fully empathized with, given all the help they need and appropriately compensated.

How reality excelled even my wildest imaginings (Poem)

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By Stanley Collymore

As a logical exposition it was effectively an abstract notion:
merely a small part of my growing up experiences and in
numerous ways not all that different, if at all, I would
have anticipated from the expectation of many other
heterosexual persons who recurrently day dream
about them having children of their own and
in the customary situation of those living in
the United Kingdom rarely, but not wholly impossibly so,
even choosing to get married first, abortion however
always being a customary change of mind option
for them, before they randomly opt to conceive
and subsequently give birth to the offspring
they claim and also convince themselves
they truthfully coveted. Yet here I am,
a very welcoming, eventually as it
happened, and a consummately
living reality that that earlier
hypothesized ambition but
now the plainly physical
conclusion of what, in
harmoniously adult
and marital terms
I’d knowingly
and happily

A parent me in this ensuing process, and no less so a truly
fortunate, honoured and divinely blessed father to an
absolutely gorgeous daughter and, by any rational
definition, a breathtakingly handsome son. But
notwithstanding all this nothing whatever in
this specific and phenomenal process can
remotely compare with the actions and private involvement
of my personal partner and loving wife to whom I shall
always eternally be grateful for your massive, noble
and ongoing assistance, as well as the gargantuan
and tremendously beneficial contribution that
from the very beginning of our relationship
and increasingly throughout it as partner
and a most supportive spouse, which
you’ve always been, have in that
role evidently made and quite
unselfishly carried on doing
so in what is astoundingly
for me with you beside
me a heaven-sent and
very honoured life.

© Stanley V. Collymore
19 October 2017.

Author’s Remarks:
If randomly a number of people were to be asked why they or others who have them had children or contemplated having them there would be a diversity of responses to that question ranging from the terse and impolite what business is it of yours what other people do with their lives to the obvious look of amazement on the respondents’ faces coupled with the remark of why shouldn’t they? It’s a free country, isn’t it?

But pressed on this specific subject matter and additionally asked to do so regardless of the clear repercussion of them doing so, I’ll wager a thousand pounds to a penny that the responses to that question would be more numerous in number than they are grains of sand on an idyllic Barbadian or other Caribbean beach. And the reason is quite simple.

For although most people feel quite strongly that having children is a personal choice for the individuals concerned and in any country that honestly or even sanctimoniously boasts of being a democracy that state of affairs ought to inviolately remain so with neither political, religious, economic or other social diktats determining who should be the chosen and privileged ones to have children, when they can do so and how many they ought to be permitted to have, there is nevertheless among these same groups of people a very pronounced disgust at, as well as an understandable antipathy towards those who having exercised their individual right to have kids not only have them for what’s unquestionably blatantly asinine and inappropriately sickening reasons but also proceed and even murderously inflict some of the noticeably most notoriously damning atrocities on their offspring who, to put it bluntly, didn’t ask to be born.

All-encompassing and profoundly psychological traumas that those who survive these kinds of atrocities inflicted on them not uncommonly and often invariably silently and non-supportively from others are psychologically forced to endure for the rest of their life. A state of affairs that is routinely induced in them and where they either consciously decide not to have children of their own or else in turn become themselves abusing parents, and in a situation which not only then underpins itself but more often than not takes several generations subsequently to actually break and eventually destroy the dreadful legacy of harm and devastation that both intuitively and intentionally have been caused.

And while I don’t personally subscribe to the notion, nor will I ever do so, that other peoples’ diktats should form and determine the criteria of who among the rest of us should have kids and furthermore the circumstances or the eligibility for granting such “concessions” to them, I’m nevertheless rather perplexed and have been for some considerable time over one particular aspect of child-begetting and the resultant rearing of children that few among our 65 millions of citizens throughout Britain seem not to have a handle on and consequently, because of utterly purblind ignorance on the part of most of them, do absolutely nothing about!

And isn’t it absolutely amazing and completely pathetic at the same time that across the whole of the United Kingdom while, for instance, you can’t lawfully drive a car or other motor vehicle regardless of how competent you are at doing so unless you’ve had instructive driving lessons and subsequently passed and are in possession of a valid Ministry of Transport certificate of competence to do so, in other words a driver’s licence – and quite rightly too I say – whereupon you’re then entitled to at will if you so desire wreak road-rage and other malevolent havocs on our highways if you care to; or come to that own a television even if you don’t watch the BBC or care to do so without having paid for and acquired the requisite television licence, anyone, including underage British school children, can none the less have sex, conceive or impregnate someone of the female gender and blithely have children in the process. And no one, and quite ignorantly so it seems gives a damn or shows any concern as regards tutoring not only our very immature youngsters but many exceedingly irresponsible adults as well about the possible and damaging consequences not only for them but also our entire nation as well.

I’m not talking about indoctrination or any other kind of coercion, nor would I ever in a million light years stupidly and unconscionably advocate any such thing. Instead, what I’m sincerely, sensibly, straightforwardly and intelligently advocating as well as proactively and practicably calling for is a universally state promoted and subsidized, as well as a decidedly competent and professionally administered, nationally rolled out and completely financially paid for from our general taxation, all-inclusive, completely free to everyone, non-political, non-religious but in essence an essentially secular, minus every trace of dogmatic exclusivism, well-informed and a constructively discursive approach to living one’s life, choosing to have a family or not to do so without any attendant opprobrium, antagonism, hostile criticism or disdain for making one’s own and well-informed decision on such matters.

A win-win situation is how I see it. For if the state can idiotically spend billions of pounds, dollars, Euros or whatever currency they choose to use on pointless and destructive wars how about diverting a mere fraction of those enormous sums of money into a project whose current and long-term consequences can only be beneficial for the entire nation as a whole. Since a truly confident, well-informed and psychologically empowered, as apart from a thoroughly manipulated and mentally abused, public will naturally choose politicians and public officials whose goals and concerns are in the best interests of the people and country they’re actually elected to represent, as distinct from what is presently the status quo. And just think too of the overall positive outcomes not only nationally also globally.

So this article and the attendant poem: “How reality excelled even my wildest imaginings” is for all of you who’ve been there, done it, experienced all the trials and tribulations cast in your way and got the T-Shirt to show it! (Smile). As well as those of you who instinctively feel that there’s an infinitely better way to have and raise children, but even so haven’t a clue how best to go about it.

Personal dreams however exciting are simply the landmarks to the permanency of reality! (Poem)

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By Stanley Collymore

Didn’t I once hear you openly, rather insistently and quite
categorically say that from your own personal point of
view that realistically there was no conceivable way
you’d ever allow yourself to emotionally fall in
love and, furthermore, that being the proud,
independent and strong-minded woman
which you obviously are would you
ever assent, and these were your
identical words: “Physically subvert myself or my
integral being to any living man and in so doing,
and for the rest of my allotted life, become
nothing more than a highly suitable and,
in reality, a typically handy conveyor
belt deliverer of his much desired
and naturally predictable biological offspring;
to whom I would, of course, immediately
and intuitively become the noticeably
appreciative, constantly doting and
ever buoyant mother, while at the
same time and long-sufferingly,
but with no allowed practised
career of my own, regularly
administering at home as his every ready job’s
disaster or career concerns attentive ear, and
all this associated with my painstakingly
choreographed and earnestly socially
encouraged public role as the lace
curtain and fashionable woman
cum loving and dutiful wife.

For as I vividly and somewhat amusingly recall when you
voluntarily of your own accord made that emphatic and
uncompromising statement of yours that seemingly,
essentially and securely, permanently closed the
door and all other options in relation to your
development of any essential or emotional
relationship with anyone of the opposite
gender, even though it was absolutely
clear to anyone possessed of a perceptive brain and
firmly equipped with a competent awareness of
such things that you were not by any stretch
of the most creative of imaginations either
disposed towards becoming or far worst
and in such complex circumstances,
were actually a practising lesbian.

All the same were distinctly a woman who was very much
in your prime, twenty-eight years old at the time, long
out of your distinctly personality-establishing and
teenaged rebellious years, and furthermore at
that age appropriately, as one would quite
unsurprisingly expect, a matured lady
in every respect, who was wise and independently
carving out a career for herself that was wholly
of her own preferring, and whose amazing
progress, exceptional development and
truly magnificent achievement had
nothing whatever to do with the
direct influence or, for come
to that the personal control
of any one-person, other
than of course yourself.

So why then, and out of understandable curiosity
on my part I must confess, did you renege on
essentially everything you formerly and
solemnly said and even persuasively
signposted that you determinedly
believed? And, instead, now
seem to be gratuitously and contradictorily
embracing the identical things that you
once considered were so extremely
antipathetic to the very concept
of the lifestyle you formerly,
distinctly and positively
confirmed to persons
like myself was the
solitary one that
you wanted to
always live.

Your right, of course as it is everyone else’s
on whatever matter that infiltrates their
thoughts, to change your mind, as
long as you make the effort to
remember that regardless
of how exciting personal dreams
seem to be, they’re none the
less purely the landmarks
to the permanency of
one’s own reality!

© Stanley V. Collymore
18 October 2017.

Author’s Remarks:
Whatever one might think of the biblical story relating to Adam and Eve the good Lord, from my Christian understanding of it, did not impose any divine prescription, which he evidently could have done had he wanted to, that these two individuals should necessarily pair up with each other and therefore rather shrewdly and pragmatically on His part allowed a free choice of a relationship between the two of them, which would basically be a matter entirely of their own. And that’s exactly what occurred, and therefore the consequences of their actions rested solely with themselves.

And it’s the same situation with every one of us. For we’re all of us endowed with a personal brain and the capacity from birth to be able to think for ourselves. Granted that this is clearly a developmental process that can be influenced by others. But ostensibly as one gets older and presumably wiser the choice is still there pertaining to whether as an individual you choose to actually think for yourself and objectively, as a result, make your own informed decisions in relation to all aspects of your personal and professional lives or instead prefer, for whatever reasons, to allow others to do that for you.

But even so, while we all have dreams of one sort or another and are perfectly entitled to live and explore them irresponsibly allowing them to dictate every aspect of one’s everyday life is not only a grave mistake, it’s also the height of folly. And getting emotionally and physically involved with another person for all the mistaken reasons is just as stupid really as assuming that one can cut oneself permanently off from reality and then call that living a normal life.

But a word of caution. Whether you get involved with someone or choose to stay single and unattached that decision, if it’s to really make any sense, should be yours alone. And if you select to become part of a couple that doesn’t necessarily mean or should it in any way make you cease to be the individual that you actually are. Unless, of course, you purposely decide that you want to become another person’s personal doormat!

So do remember, and constantly so, that in everything you personally do individual choice and basic common sense should be your faithful watchword and guiding principle. After all it’s your life! So why let someone, or others, supposedly or arguably, even with the best of intentions, arbitrarily live it for you? Your decision. And the best of luck in making it.

Throughout all this and taking full cognizance of the realization that the intuitive or conscious decision by you not to trust or get personally or emotionally implicated with anyone might in actuality stem from the direct influence of the traumatic experiences you’ve undergone at the hands of sexual predators and/or abusers, whether they’re serial or otherwise, ongoing still or are incidences of the past, while not an abuser myself nor could I ever imagine myself being one far less so permit anybody to ever have taken such a diabolical liberty with me and then because of the power and influence they wield or buttressed by whatever sick reasoning that their likeminded verminous supporters or encouragers can come up with to justify or absolve their vile actions and then have the gall to ludicrously and insultingly posit these as “plausible excuses” and therefore on my part can’t honestly profess, nor would I ever attempt to do so, that I truthfully know how you feel or what it is that you’re personally going through as a result of this onerous travesty of brazen injustice gratuitously inflicted on you, the answer I do know is not to shut yourself permanently away from the consequences of reality that you suffered and in all likelihood still endure.

For in doing so you merely hand victory to your abusers and unwittingly through this de facto process grant them carte blanche to carry on controlling the terms and conditions of your life. And quite honestly after all that they’ve malevolently done is that seriously what you want to happen?