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Tropical Hurricane

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By Stanley Collymore

Gale force winds rampaging wilfully in a consciously
exercised and malevolent spree, and as a result of
this contemptible and maliciously encouraged
duress and deleterious jamboree giving rise
most condescendingly and aggressively
to boisterously wind-lashed seas that
quite eagerly, extraordinarily and
unavoidably in these distinctly
orchestrated and manifestly
conspiratorial circumstances, unwaveringly,
viciously, calculatedly and destructively
resort to co-operatively assist in the
projected and copious spawning of
a range of enormous waves and
exceptionally treacherous sea
currents, reinforced in turn
by lashing rain that was
complementary to the
speedy incursion of
an impending and
plainly ominous
inland flooding.

An added disaster in waiting that promptly
and markedly inescapably would to the
intensive and deliberately generated
atmosphere of the intentionally
created and cold-bloodedly
planned civic confusion
that jointly encompass
merely a fractional part, but all the same, a
conclusively acknowledged realization
of the overall adverse environment
and the frighteningly disturbing
encounter wearily denounced
as but likewise officially
also categorized as a
tropical hurricane.

An incident at whose particular mercy those who’re either
specifically designated as or else are more likely to be
the random and hapless victims of this callous and
presumably premeditated heinousness are left
defencelessly completely beholding to, no
matter how judiciously or else rationally
prepared they were for its eventual
coming and ultimate eventuality.
For equally and inescapably
caught up in this natural
and predatory beast’s
relentless stalking even though unsurprisingly,
and therefore expectantly, everyone knew
well in advance that it was coming, the
onerous responsibility entrusted to
national governments and their
respective civic authorities
despite man’s amazing
scientific inventions
or early warning
and advanced

Nor, come to that, his conscientiously and often
employed forewarning communications. For
notwithstanding their usually proclaimed
usefulness they’re basically still utterly
powerless in usefully harnessing for
the general good of all affected or
otherwise disposed to be troubled community
or country, the unleashed energy of every
looming or devastating hurricane that’s
waylaying their vicinity, far less so
acquire the requisite capability
to ever permanently banish
the unceasing occurrence
of tropical hurricanes.

© Stanley V. Collymore
21 September 2017.

Author’s Remarks:
Hurricanes are predictable; can be destructive even to the point of being devastatingly so, and generally unavoidable in their occurrences. They are also atmospheric events that do feature periodically and with varying levels of intensity in the lives of most Caribbean people.

But all the same, these tropical hurricanes can at the same time, either with or without their awesome display of raw, remarkable and unbridled power, be a truly spectacular as well as a most strikingly majestic demonstration of the discernibly tremendous influence which these impressive stalwarts and agents of nature have, not only on our environment but significantly mankind as well.

And although their presence can at times be rather deadly and likewise traumatically heart-breaking for some, a world completely devoid of all hurricanes would, in my opinion – and I’ve personally witnessed several of them first-hand and upfront as they say in the Caribbean – be an awful diminution of Nature’s well balanced choreography of challenging catastrophes set against, as well as in the process highlighting, its many extraordinary environmental blessings.

Poignant memories combined with sincerest birthday greetings Jeannette!

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By Stanley Collymore

Those distant days we made our own have literally flown by
and the several years which inevitably they’ve given rise
to have harmoniously coalesced into an enterprisingly
beautiful and kaleidoscopic reservoir of supremely
rich, fondly enlivening and unquestionably note
worthily charming and enduring memories of
you and me. Memories that on reliving them in my mind
their energizing experiences instantaneously and rather
vividly roll back the several years passed to those
halcyon days first initiated in the quite blissfully
conducive, romantically mesmerizing and, oh
so truthfully, spine-tingling surroundings, of
Rebecca’s Discotheque in our hometown
Reading, Berkshire where we first met,
where courtship and romance were
instinctively triggered and shortly
there afterwards companionably
blossomed into a specifically,
truly vivacious, passionate
and a really reciprocally
loving, relationship.

But Fate, alas, and the private circumstances at the time that
we were both in: you a married lady, though unhappily
so, and with a young family affectionately in tow;
myself having just a couple of years previously
got divorced and still in the process of shaking off that
erstwhile calamity – jointly conspired and, moreover,
regrettably succeeded, adequately assisted by the
evidently challenging situation which we were
unquestionably in, in scuppering the further
progression of the propitiously amorous
but yet, by any unbiased prospect or
optimistic deduction, the truthfully
emergent relationship that had
rather delightfully and quite
encouragingly developed
between the two of us.

Evidently, it wasn’t what either of us honestly wanted but,
all the same, we had to face facts and the glaring reality
of knowing precisely what the devastating impact of
your split from their father would have on your two
delightful children who I’d met, and so for the
overall good of them and despite us being
very much in love with each other we were none the less
starkly aware of both the moral and practical dilemma
we were jointly in. And with neither of us the least
enthusiastically in favour of either indefinitely
or surreptitiously carrying on with an illicit
love affair we painfully but conclusively
honourably and determinedly decided
to bring our personal relationship
to a fitting and dignified end. Soon afterwards
and thankfully as an essential assuagement
from the searing pain which we both felt
within, after our brave but pragmatic
decision, I decided in consultation
with you to procure the offered
opportunity proffered to me
and migrate from England
to Germany and the rest,
as they say, is history.

Eventually, however, the conscientious termination of our
amorous relationship coupled with the now locational
separation that we’d unselfishly, consciously and
selflessly placed between us, enforcedly, and
principally it’s true to say from you and
painstakingly so for the sake of your
children, had a determinedly corrective effect on the
state of your marriage in a number of ways. While
for my part, providentially ensconced, as I was,
in my fresh and romantically unblemished
environment and with the final remnants
of my marriage baggage thoroughly
and permanently dispensed with,
I too was ready for a new start.

A situation which was further strengthened by the excellent
and comforting news that the interminable and seemingly
intractable problems that you were relentlessly having
and were themselves grimly compelling you in the
given circumstances to genuinely want to leave
your husband, were it not most distressingly
for the menaced instability that was likely
possible as a result of you doing so, to
be caused to your adorable children.
Problems that were occasioned in full previous to your
first meeting me, continued thereafter, other than for
those short-lived occasions of respite favourably
granted to us and them when we were together
alone and whose heedless indifference to all
of them your insensitive husband, bearing
in mind that it was him who was directly
responsible for initiating and sustaining
them, were eventually with your final
ultimatum to him and itself coupled
with his belated recognition that
his ongoing and conspicuously
unsatisfactory conduct seriously advanced the
genuine prospect of him losing his children,
abruptly focused his mind on the serious
situation that he was obviously in and
consequently, what was undeniably
required of him if plausibly he
expected to remain a part of
your assimilated family.

Ultimatums, I know, can be and generally are very unpleasant
and even disturbing experiences for those persons forced to
be on the receiving end of them, but employed sparingly,
objectively, wisely and with largely altruistic pursuits
in mind by the user of them can suitably and most
beneficially, as you well understood Jeannette,
be a great fillip and a tremendous force for
good, as sensibly they justifiably ought to be. And your
perceptive knowledge of the latter, my Dear, in that
specific regard was then and still is outstandingly
exemplary. Meanwhile, your well looked after
children have in a glowing compliment to
you, admirably grown up, are all gone
having left home to chase their own
individual ambitions in life; and
you the formerly despairingly
fraught mother with a deep
and quite understandable
anguish for them, and
discernibly yourself,
have providentially
been wonderfully
converted into
an optimistic,
and now a

Someone no longer enforcedly stuck in the past while
rightly dreading the outcome of the future, but have
instead become an amazingly transformed woman
in every imaginably confident way, who with
unbounded optimism and renewed vigour
now indisputably look forward to each
fresh day which opportunely dawns.
And with that optimistically in mind and specifically
for your exclusive and singular day, Friday the 22nd
September 2017, I would proudly like to say all
the very best to you my Dear and, naturally,
wish you a greatly resplendent, exultant,
undoubtedly a tremendously happy
and, of course, a most treasured
together with an amazingly
unforgettable day, and
landmark birthday.

© Stanley V. Collymore
18 September 2017.

Author’s Remarks:
Marriage is an estate that not everyone who enters it is suited for or does so with the best of intentions in mind, and not infrequently those intentions that are therefore either concertedly and premeditatedly or even enthusiastically and gratuitously engaged in can quite purposely in nature be surreptitiously malevolent and wilfully inimical to the overall beneficial interests and general welfare of the unsuspecting person who unwittingly and unwarrantedly ends up as the consciously chosen victim of the concertedly evil machinations that specific individual who fraudulently and quite disastrously but, all the same, most influentially for their perverse, selfish and utterly demented reasons talked their way into their target’s life.

And while there’s absolutely no sure-fire way or method to totally eradicate such pernicious incursions into one’s personal life, strict vigilance maintained throughout the initial stages at least of one venturing into an intimate relationship with another person can and does help. As does effectively employing the quite sensible mantra of not taking everything that you’re told for granted or at face value because you’re simply either hopelessly in love, or are even worst still manipulatively, as it happens, controlled into thinking that this ostensibly advantageously permitted entrant into your personal life is unquestionably everything you could possibly and most beneficially hope for. Don’t willingly fall for any of that and always let caution be your personal byword.

And in the interim good luck and continued happiness in your choice of partner should you after serious thought responsibly decide to embark on your personal marital adventure.

A modern heterosexual woman strikes back! (Poem)

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By Stanley Collymore

How could you have been so remiss, not even trying to kiss me
when quite evidently I’d expectantly, secretly, yes desperately
too, and rather earnestly, I don’t for second mind admitting,
wanted you to? Alright, I readily confess I do privately
understand that you were scrupulously behaving like
the consummate and honourable gentleman which
you recognizably are and charmingly wanted to
communicate to me that you were. But even
so, you certainly, I believe, could not have
been unaware from my evident body language when I was
alone with you, how desperately keen I was for you to
do well, what a red-blooded man juxtaposed with
an equally hormonally-excited woman in his
company and fortunately for her together
with him in the right circumstances,
which we demonstrably were, is
universally envisioned to do.

So your chivalrous circumspection regarding me was wholly
unnecessary, you see. For I’m most explicitly a modern,
vibrant and deeply passionate woman in totality – not
one of those patently metropolitan, genderless and
characterless British clones for females – and
accordingly, someone who therefore clearly
understands and fully accepts her gender
role and its associated sexuality, is as a
result completely and most unapologetically at ease with both
of them, and accordingly I’ll have no compunction or any
reservations whatever given half the chance of doing
so, I voluntarily confess, to pleasurably expressing
and absolutely utilizing them, if I can, with the
right man, who in this instance just happens
to be you! So having freely, unaffectedly
and forthrightly outlined my personal
and undiluted sexual remit to you,
what are you now, prospective
paramour of mine prepared
to do about it this time?

© Stanley V. Collymore
14 September 2017.

Author’s Comments:
From metropolitan London right across the entire United Kingdom the troubling scourge of genderless Dykeism and Queerism calamitously blights the highly endangered landscape of normal heterosexual sexuality in every conceivable way.

A bane that societally not only in the body politic, governance and the various law and order apparatuses of our country universally among them but is also perniciously and progressively with its concertedly deployed, ruthlessly utilized and as well proselytizing mantra egregiously contaminating the UK’s school environment and accordingly the minds of millions of effectively trapped, exceedingly vulnerable and unquestionably discernibly impressionable British school children.

But, for all that, this superficially successful but all the same spurious system of determinedly and damagingly coercive indoctrination that unsurprisingly, despite its noxious nature, rather incredibly, inescapably fails to register with the plethora of unthinking, mindless and Reality-TV aficionados of this sort of thing within British society, and is similarly permitted to go on unchallenged even by customarily sentient and intelligent parents of these same endangered children, fearful of voicing their logical concerns about the way in which Britain is unhappily developing societally in case they’re viciously or dismissively rounded upon and fraudulently in this populously contrived and scrupulously engineered environment of hostile intolerance virulently denounced as homophobic, is to say the least a monumental travesty of everything that is either sane or commonsensical.

For how idiotic can these morons get? As that overused word strictly and etymologically means absolutely nothing and shouldn’t even exist. For the genesis of its two salient parts: homo and phobia, both of them of Latin and Greek origin, and with identical meanings in both these languages, are distinctly from an etymological, erudite and learned perspective unambiguously clear; with homo representing humanity or basically mankind and phobia unarguably an “irrational fear”. So how is it conceivable then for anybody acknowledging himself or herself be a human being to then rather ridiculously accuse another human being of, in essence, sexually entertaining and furthermore intentionally proselytizing “an irrational fear” of someone of their own species, namely another human being? That would equally be as ridiculous as some similar idiots accusing a Black person of being Blackphobic or a white individual as Whitephobic because either of these two given examples dared to criticize the sexually deviant conduct of members of their own specific race.

It just doesn’t add up or carries any logical discernment as regards anyone with a functioning brain in his or her head, and what’s more is totally bereft of all common sense. But that said, who could ever realistically accuse these proselytizing Dykes and Queers of ever possessing any such thing? And while it’s undoubtedly an uphill battle for all genuine heterosexuals out there, of the two natural, conventional and now much disparaged genders, across the length and breadth of Britain, all I shall say is keep your cool, stick to either your religious or moral principles on this specific and its related issues, in the full knowledge that like an obnoxious and all pervasive stench from a malfunctioning sewerage works it’ll unproductively go away. For who ever heard of two Dykes, whatever powerful positions they societally hold, or two Queers, for that matter, ever likely through their joint sexual deviances physically adding in numerical terms to the human race and its arithmetical progression? And on that note M’lord I rest my case.

A most sincere and an appreciatively commendable tribute, this article and poem of the same name, to my female, of course, German Partner and all the preceding and heterosexual ladies globally who’ve been in my life at one time or another.

Knowing and respecting my own mind! (Poem)

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By Stanley Collymore

Here you are professing to love me yet at the same time, and
knowing precisely how I feel, trying so hard to convince
me that there’s no rational point in my safeguarding
my virginity prior to my chances of matrimony,
especially in this world in which we’re both
currently living and where morality, you
say, is now passé having had its day,
and consequently, is completely
deficient of all real meaning
or any chance of integrity.
And therefore it’s utterly pointless, you likewise
resolutely contend, my vainly trying to stem
and even unrewardingly pretend I can roll
back the passage of time for no honestly
useful end it would seem to you, to a
dark era where through a societally
recommended mixture of socially
manufactured ignorance and a
knowingly coercive as well
as an inconsiderately and
predictably adhered to
conduct of protecting,
or rather more fittingly using one’s female
chastity as a prized bargaining chip to
strategically advance one’s likely
marital prospects or personal
status, and concomitantly
procure an appreciated
inclination in society
and life generally
did truly matter.

But now, realistically and thankfully so you avidly
declare, not any more. For things have changed
radically since those antiquated times and
quite beneficially, you add exultantly.
And that enterprise, and with it the
extremely ingrained notion of a
woman obligated to evidently
weaponised her distinctive
sexuality for community
advancement together
with the anticipated
accruement of personal
benefits to buttress her financial security
within the confines of matrimony are
no longer, you state emphatically,
a necessity in the 21st Century.

Personally, that’s obviously your firm opinion lover-boy
and quite possibly is one that will both impress and
sway other women, I promptly concede, to think
and behave as you suggest, but alas, for you,
I am not one of them! And communicating
it brusquely and equally unambiguously
I’m already entirely aware of and for
some time now quite determinedly
rebuffed the identical arguments
that you’re now so vigorously
proselytizing. So if you don’t mind my saying so,
how I deal with and either choose to utilize or
not to accordingly. my individual sexuality
is frankly my own darn business and not
yours or that of anyone else; and with
that, from my own true perspective
and, furthermore, indisputably in
mind, is certainly a matter that
I most categorically consider
is entirely, and for all time,
unquestionably up to me.

© Stanley V. Collymore
11 September 2017.

Author’s Remarks:
Ever since Adam convinced Eve that it was she who persuaded him, and not himself in an act of his volition, to afford himself the fortuitous opportunity to fulsomely avail himself of her scrumptious apple and pleasurably by doing so individually awoke the dormant sexual passion within both of them that subsequently in physical terms thoroughly satisfied their heterosexual requirements, and from a religious perspective gave rise we’re biblically informed to humanity, subsequent generations of human beings have consistently been debating and even vehemently arguing about whose role it actually is to initiate sexual adventures between males and females as well as the modus operandi they should appropriately employ to do so. A consensus on which neither side to-date, it seems, is willingly prepared to universally compromise on this issue, and so this contentious debate with all its various disagreements and arguments rumble on.

Well, not everywhere I’m pleased to say. For in my ancestral homeland of Barbados a rather pragmatic approach has sensibly, intelligently, compatibly and effectively in the interests of all concerned maturely been adopted. And it’s along these practical lines: That a man chases a woman until at the right time of her own choosing she decisively decides to catch him. That way both participants in this love game can truthfully say that the invariably successful end result of this joint adventure of theirs is doubtlessly one in which their individual contributions can’t honestly be decried or underrated; and therefore there’s no need on the part of either of them to get embroiled in mutual antagonisms or unwarranted castigations. Thus guaranteeing for them, and as best as any human being can, a permanent window of pleasurable opportunity for those who’re willing to participate with composure and amorous determination in their joint sexual adventure.

Marry Me! (Poem)

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By Stanley Collymore

I most readily and cheerfully confess to my having a
wholly uncontrollable urge to marry you, and ever
more so since I realized that the intense passion
you’ve managed to inevitably generate in me
is quite literally driving me crazy and, as a
manifest and robust consequence of this,
I’ve unmistakeably, unavoidably and
likewise, in every other conceivable
way, and not the slightest remiss
in dutifully tackling this matter
without unwarranted delay, I
am enraptured to say, have
satisfyingly and forever
completely, it’s true,
intensely fallen in
love with you.

And when you charmingly told me that that is exactly
how you also feel about me too, seriously, what other
option could an exceptionally fortunate man, truthfully
unable to believe his extraordinary luck honourably
do in such fortuitous circumstances when richly
gifted with what’s unquestionably, as you’ve
always been, a most phenomenal woman;
other than to carefully listen to and then
take maximum understanding of that
perceptive and utterly persuasive
voice within, and euphorically
entreat of you, the supreme
gratification of his life,
to award him the best
distinction ever and
become his wife.

© Stanley V. Collymore
8 September 2017.

Author’s Remarks:
In the earlier draft version of this poem and the accompanying article edition, I had initially contemplated entitling both versions of them: “Irreversible in love with you!” but after much consideration on my part and a most astute contribution on hers in a subsequent discussion on the matter with my female German Partner, we favourably, convivially, satisfactorily and mot extraordinarily amorously came to the definitive conclusion that this shorter, unequivocal and impactful title: “Marry Me” was most appropriate given the specific circumstances that the clearly besotted lover in the poem was in.

And, of course, that particular statement leaves no room for equivocation or any scope for misunderstanding. So please don’t use this poem or the article to anyone whom you think is having the same impact on you unless, I would advise, that your intentions are both serious and honourable. And with that in mind I wish you all the luck in the world in what you may well decide to embark upon.

The Lady called Charlotte

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By Stanley Collymore

Physically you’re undeniably a very attractive
young lady, and to even the most casual of
observers or the amateur admirer, let
alone a very seasoned connoisseur
of the female anatomy like me,
it’s quite evidently a precise
and an unbiased reasoned
deduction that’s indeed
beyond any question.

But in addition to this rather appealing and
manifestly incomparable elucidation of
your natural and exquisite beauty,
there’s a delectably infectious
charm and cultured dignity
regarding you Charlotte –
mutually commending
virtues which aren’t that easy to overlook
or that one would capriciously dare to
disdain; and themselves brilliantly
juxtaposed with an absolutely
mesmerizing, superbly eye-
catching and discernibly
charismatic personality
generously nurtured
by an informative,
deeply ingrained,
inspiring and
a noticeably,
intellect by
you, Lady

© Stanley V. Collymore
6 September 2017.

Author’s Remarks:
For some people there are multiple occasions when it occurs while for others just the infrequent chance or rare opportunity when, invariably and wholly unexpectedly, those affected pleasurably find themselves encountering situations that involve other persons or things which instantaneously for them, and subsequently ongoing in that same procedural vein, generate and inevitably have a thoroughly exciting, as well as a durably unalterable impact of a hugely beneficial nature and likewise on an imperturbably monumental scale on the fortunate beneficiary of that precise and rewarding encounter.

And there’s nothing that could be more honestly and gratefully said in that particular respect than to truthfully verbalize the circumstances surrounding that most auspiciously enlivening and unforgettable encounter involving yourself Charlotte!

Our Calendar of Love

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By Stanley Collymore

We first met in Springtime, appropriately as it happens when
things themselves, already in accommodating existence,
come into full bloom and new life in tandem with this
fresh and appealing surge of optimism, joyously in
its refreshing and untainted innocence, set out in
their own inimitable ways their highly impressive stall of
irresistible temptations to fabulously enthral one and
all with the exquisite dawning of a new beginning.
Then came Summer, and with it the sun-packed
days of light-heartedness, jollity and fun when
those who were previously strangers to one
another but now discovering they were
outstandingly impressed – suitably by
as well as individually attracted to
each other – by this pioneering
occurrence they were now a
part of happily considered
and afterwards willingly
set of on a mutually loving and enlivening
relationship of their own. A situation in
which, and similarly from our own
delighted condition and personal
perspective, they weren’t by
any means, whatsoever,
exactly on their own.

Autumn with its noticeable motif and like the resolute
relay runner receiving the all-essential baton, in this
traditional season run, from Summer the having
actively participated but now on the verge of
becoming an outgoing participant player in
this imminently impending and seasonal
renovation, not to be outdone initiated
its own distinctive kaleidoscope of
organic colour which appealingly
and constructively both helped
to inaugurate and consolidate
attendant with the process
of fully reinforcing and
boosting, the certainly
emotional Odyssey
gladly instigated
by you and me.

Winter with its impressive and teasingly flirtatious
display of iced-chilled winds, pristine snow and
periodic rain and, in the interim, markedly
symbolic of the time of year, typically
in its customary well-rehearsed and,
inimitably, distinctively portrait-
styled display of eye-catching
beauty and transmittable serenity, steadfastly
carried on, with its endearing equanimity,
the final stage of this traditional and
annual seasonal run first begun in
Spring and finally nearing its
climacteric end in Winter.

While, in return, you and me: a twosome of
new lovers, forevermore appreciative to the
alternating seasons for their picturesque
and considerable contributions to our
enchanting and amorous situation,
expectantly looked forward to
the future and the important
influences of its seasonal
sway on our particular
and comprehensibly
satisfyingly and

© Stanley V. Collymore
5 September 2017.

Author’s Comments:
There’s nothing more exciting, thrilling, personally intoxicating and incredibly rewarding than to unexpectedly encounter someone with whom you’ve madly, inescapably, passionately, and shrewdly as it also turns out, fallen in love with; and, furthermore, to subsequently and significantly shortly afterwards discover that the intense love which you exhibit for that specific individual is likewise reciprocated.

The poem of this name: “Our Calendar of Love” and the articles associated with it is therefore personally written for and fondly dedicated to all such fortunate and blessed individuals. And is done so by me in the earnest wish and fervent hope that your mutual love for each other remains steadfast, and like a vintage wine or champagne increases in value and its treasured preciousness to you with each passing year in your joint lives.

My aversion to this tiresome obsession with Queerism and Dykeism! (Poem)

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By Stanley Collymore

What do you actually want from me, as if I didn’t already know?
But as I’ve categorically stated, unwaveringly mean and have
no intention at all of ever backsliding on in any way, I’m
staunchly and unyieldingly heterosexual and have no
intention whatever of changing my personal sexual
status in order, as you incredibly put it and even
ridiculously suggested that I should consider
the alternatives to how I’m happily living
my life, to even, in your point of view,
beneficially enhance my social and
economic situation by actually
becoming gay? Really? No
way, I must honestly say!

For such Queer actions, attendant with their Dyke and
Paedophile activities, are truthfully sexual deviant
acts that I perceive to be utterly disgusting and,
irrefutably repulsive in every conceivable
way, detrimental abominations to me
that I don’t wat, with their tiresome
and inappropriate strife, to ever
be remotely associated with,
play any part in, or have
within a billion light
years of my life.

© Stanley V. Collymore
25 August 2017.

Author’s Comments:
I’ve no problem, or do I envisage any on my part, relative to two genuinely consulting individuals having sex with each other within the confines of their own private environment; personally understand and feel that their conduct legally embarked upon is no business of anyone other than their own unless they coercively try to push their sexual preferences down the throats, so to speak, of others whether the latter, and accosted clearly encounters, are themselves predisposed or empathetic to what these sexual proselytizers are doing.

And consequently, that the former stipulations aside and steadfastly adhered to, the preferences and or activities of these practising male homosexuals or lesbians should not, is my firm contention, be condemned per se just because of what they sexually are, any more than heterosexuals of either gender – and I still steadfastly believe and accept that they are only two such differentiations – likewise indulging in their own preferred sexual activities and doing so equally within the full remit of the law of the land shouldn’t be forced to find themselves singled out for personal abuse either by homosexuals or lesbians, or even sexual prudes, for who or what they are.

An equality of clarification and mutual distinction openly and honestly expressed from my own perspective. And this, I will add, in spite of the fact that all of my life, and for me an unquestionably unchanging situation, being the consciously staunch heterosexual that I am, homosexuality, of any form and that includes lesbianism, doesn’t, hasn’t or will it ever appeal to me personally. And for the self-evident reasons that I’m not that way inclined, cannot in any shape or form be persuaded to be homosexual, and furthermore homosexuality doesn’t hold any attractions for me, or do any permutations of it, even in heterosexual relationships that I’ve mutually and legally embarked on in the past as well as my current one ever tempted me to change my mind; and that applies to same gender sex. And whatever criticisms that anyone might care to level at me for holding these points of view, feel free to do so as you won’t change my mind, and besides just as you’re entitled to your opinion, and I respect that, I’m equally entitled to my own, my civil entitlements and, of course, my inalienable right to feel the way I do, respectfully accepting that I don’t go around proselytizing others to my point of view.

What, however, I’m diametrically opposed to as regards same gender sex and understandably from my own perspective totally abhor in all their forms are Queerism and Dykeism, which in my view bear no semblance to homosexual on the part of men or lesbianism when it comes to women. And personally, and again from my perspective, have no credibility whatsoever in my analysis of both these features any more than child abuse, rape or paedophilia carried out by heterosexuals do because they’re heterosexuals. Since from exhaustive observation on my part reinforced by meticulous and extensive research the loathsome techniques of Dykeism and Queerism that I’ve long attached to these two deviant forms of sexual behaviour are quite manifestly abnormal, sickening, and iniquitously corrupt; despicably inappropriate, and in the most contemptibly self-serving manner thoroughly and destructively exploitative.

An aberrant form of sexual behaviour whose proponents seek to mask its endemic evilness by deceitfully taking and then barefacedly and callously misappropriating the “finer” aspects of lesbianism and male homosexuality to not only put a seemingly positive gloss on their odious agenda and proselytizing approach to harvesting converts but also through their mendacious and fraudulent approaches and obnoxious pursuits vaingloriously portrayed as “normal and conducive manifestations of physical and emotional love”, and quite categorically not above intentionally and disingenuously employing in the most concerted manner their well-honed, British establishment and “privileged elites” accommodating methods, themselves extremely intimidatingly with all the political and parliamentary support and goodwill they can muster – and which to be perfectly honest is truly enormous to say the least, as this is both fertile and friendly territory for them – manipulatively and exploitatively have turned Britain “ass over head” into becoming a Queer and Dyke domain.

The resultant effect of which is that the United Kingdom has not only become a decidedly perverse as well as an exceedingly and predominantly sick society but also one in which genuine heterosexuals have effectively become a rare breed while virulently regarded by these aberrant sexual deviants as the enemy within. What a queer state of affairs!

The good riddance that should have been but sadly didn’t materialize! (Poem)

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By Stanley Collymore

Poland always was and in the 21st Century is still a vile, Nazi
fascist cesspit. And I’m mortified, that my father and others
like him risked their lives, and with some of them actually
dying in the process to save Poland’s undeserving, racist
and ungrateful ass. These ethical, thoroughly altruistic
and commendable human beings, and outstandingly
courageous fighters for freedom, on this occasion
ought never in my straightforward opinion, have
ever intervened, and not just simply in World
War II, but any war on Poland’s behalf; but
instead should’ve coolly stood back in this World War
II scenario and with studied, rapt and apt admiration
desired for Third Reich Germany to have removed
this abomination of a country called Poland and
its equally loathsome population permanently
off the face of this Earth! For democracy to
Poland then, in 1939, was and remains in
the 21st Century comparable to and also
as genuinely achievable a conception
among Poles, from all conceivable
backgrounds, and across every
continuum of Polish society
universally as the curse of
pervasively deep-seated
paedophilia is, to the
positive welfare of
very innocent and
vulnerable children; and
those with even a half-
functioning brain in
their cranium, will
undoubtedly, I’m
sure of it, know
what I mean.

© Stanley V. Collymore
28 July 2017.

Author’s Remarks:
So what the world was effectively presented with when Britain declared war on Germany in 1939 on the self-righteous pretexts, that it falsely and overtly proclaimed, was in reality nothing more, or less, than a concertedly Machiavellian and self-interestedly created and assiduously implemented “pre-emptive, self-defence mechanism” to safeguard the prestige of it retaining a global empire, as well as physically protecting its own ass!

For there was nothing, at all, that was either political or ideologically different in the mindset between Germany’s Third Reich leaders and those who controlled and ran Britain. As it was obvious, as night follows day, that everyone from prominent members of the British Royal Family right down to the manifestly brutish scum that comprised Oswald Mosley’s private army of sadistic enforcers were dye-in-the wold Nazis, fascists or both; and that the British aristocracy was literally infested and crawling with them. And how very ironic, and as well patently dishonest, all of this was, in that Winston Churchill: unbelievably hailed, promoted and proselytized as “Britain’s greatest human being” ever – and each time that I’m enforced to hear that mantra repeated I silently and risibly ponder, knowing Churchill’s reprehensible and well-document personal and political record that demarcates nothing honourable about this presumed human being, who on earth then would these unmistakeably poorly informed or else utterly disingenuous British morons, clamorous in his praise, regard as the worst of their kind? – was a life-long ardent and committed eugenicist; the same noxious creed which Nazism emanates from; and in Winston Churchill’s case was that man who openly favoured the compulsory sterilization of significant sections of the British working classes as well as Plebeian perceived whites – other than those obviously needed to cater to the wanton needs of their presumed “social betters”, and therefore act as a foremost disincentive to them from ever aspiring to be, as well as physically and psychologically preclude them from marrying and, God forbid, ever breeding with and thus contaminating the UK’s aristocracy and those who, predictably like Winston Churchill himself, automatically judged themselves to be to the Manor Born.

And it’s patently obvious, as night follows day, that while there are overwhelming numbers of whites who’re completely pig-ignorant of the real causes that initiated and subsequently reinforced Europe’s holocaust or additionally even the truthful consequences that stemmed from it – as apart from the intentionally fabricated, frenetically propagandized, as well as the zealously adhered to and stimulatively proselytized versions of the above that are themselves ardently treasured by those who are assiduously and self-servingly promoting them – and in absolute terms from the innate and vigorously executed barbarism exclusively exhibited by white Europeans, and furthermore quite erroneously and dangerously assuming or essentially believing that Europe’s overblown holocaust was simply a one-off situation; and additionally in their appalling ignorance finding themselves totally unaware that this European holocaust was in essence Germany’s third, in a relatively short while and in the space of just 25 years, following the commencement of the 20th Century.

The two others that Germany premeditatedly carried out beforehand, both of them occurring in Germany’s then African colony of Southwest Africa, now in the 21st Century the sovereign and independent UN member nation of Namibia, where during Germany’s imperialistic and utterly barbarous rule of that African territory some 90% of its indigenous population: made up of the Herero and Namaqua peoples, were quite calculatedly, systematically, systemically and genocidally wiped out. In what was clearly a benchmark exercise and the premeditated prelude to what, in only a few years afterwards, would be devilishly and just as calamitously be similarly embarked on throughout the entirety of mainland Europe.

Notwithstanding its odious, awful and criminal atrocities in Southwest Africa Germany, which didn’t make any apology for them until 2004 and even then grudgingly so, has stated publicly that it has no intention of compensating the descendants of those, in what’s now independent Namibia, who managed to survive the two 20th century holocausts in Southwest Africa that preceded by almost 30 years the one that Germany later, with its Axis allies, carried out in Europe. And what’s more post World War II made to feel absolutely guilt-ridden for its murderous escapades by the victorious Allies in conjunction with the adorning of itself in sackcloth and ashes as it still well into the 21st century flagellates itself for what it did to other European whites in the form of Yiddish Jews and no one else among the millions of other victims it brutalized, Germany in marked contrast to the contemptuous, hypocritical and double-standards attitudes that it holds towards the Namibian people nevertheless 72 years after World War II ended seemingly has no problems whatsoever in providing a bottomless pit of ever boosted financial and other material compensation in a European holocaust scam, racket and a concerted carpet bagging financial industry to the Middle Eastern interloping and Palestinian genocide entity of Yidland, and doing so in a manifestly bogus enterprise that this enormous and ongoing financial outlay on Germany’s part, and well into the 21st Century, is somehow for the sole benefit of Europe’s holocaust survived Yids. The overwhelming majority of whom are dead anyway while the miniscule remaining number of them are well into their old age and have been complaining like others for decades that very little of the billions that Germany sycophantically pays out, and has done so ever since the war ended, has ever reached and still to this day doesn’t do so the needs of the very people for whom it was supposedly designated, while in marked contrast the billions shelled out by Germany, and which is totally complicit in this odious charade, is massively hogged by the Nazi-Zionist, holocaust-industry enterprise that controls Yidland.

Similarly, no compensation has been made by Britain and the host of other European slave owning countries in relation to the Transatlantic Slave Trade and specifically the Caribbean element of it; but they too like Germany have no qualms in Yidland fraudulently on behalf of European Yids, among all of the other European holocaust victims, receiving these vast and ongoing sums of money long after World War II has ended. And the only compensation directly related to the Caribbean Slave Trade was that which was handsomely paid out to the slave owners, and amounting in today’s terms to Trillions of Pound Sterling, for having lost, these slave owners, their chattel, in other words, property as Black slaves were deemed to be, and in tandem with that what Haiti was enforcedly made to pay to France well into the start of the 21st century for having the nerve to liberate itself from French slavery of the people of that Caribbean island.

An enforcement that was made possible by Britain, France and the newly independent and fledgling Rogue State USA blockading the island and effectively starving its inhabitants. A sick principle that France then adopted in relation to its “liberated” Black African colonies, that despite being supposedly independent and sovereign nations are as I write on the 21st August 2017 still paying massive amounts of reparations to France for the dubious privilege of France granting them their “independence” And this utterly sick mindset was driven first in Haiti’s case by Britain, France and ironically independent and fledging Rogue State USA, having also fought for its independence but from Britain, utterly petrified that the Haiti example of liberating itself would set a bad example as well as a dangerous precedent, if not brutally, heavy-handedly and quite barbarically stopped by these white imperialist and colonialist entities, to other enslaved lands. And, in effect, it’s clear that nothing has changed in the 21st century as far as these loathsome white supremacists are concerned. Slavery may have officially gone but the methods and objectives by these western entities and their collaborators are still the same as when slavery existed.

And so for Poland, significant swathes of whose territory like Prussia and the Sudetenland for example were formerly German, and with Poland itself along with Ukraine and other Eastern European countries deeply involved in Europe’s holocaust to in the 21st Century be asking for compensation, as if the clowns who run that place think everyone out here has short attention spans or lost memories, while acting as if Poles and Poland were the victims of World War II rather being the loathsome Nazi and fascist collaborators and perpetrators that they actually were truly beggars belief, as well as makes a completely mockery of both justice and common sense. Accounting for why I don’t see Poland as having been a victim of either World War II or Europe’s odious holocaust, any more than I would consider the members of a feral household kicking the shits out of each other while likewise known to be a complete bane to and a recurrent pain in the ass of their decent neighbours as any business of mine. And for me serves as proof positive why I profoundly, unreservedly and unapologetically think that my Dad, other Barbadians and Caribbeans alike ought not to have gotten involved in that barbarous, lunatic and undeniably internecine European war, and particularly so with the jackboot of Britain’s own barbarism thrust onto their necks at home in the West Indies, vaingloriously referred to as World II, when in actuality it was significantly a murderous Eurocentric affair conducted this time largely at home in Europe instead of, as was the customary remit of these white and despicable barbarians, in the hapless Global South.

My independent declaration of life! (Poem)

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By Stanley Collymore

I’m not obsessed with life as the vast majority of you out there
evidently are and therefore I enjoy my life to the fullest and
have always done so, reinforced by the fact that I don’t
fear anyone or anything, come to that, and that most
definitely includes death. So given the choice of
dying or forced to stay alive in this world I’m
living in and itself run by cunts like Donald
Trump and his Yid Nazi-Zionist ilk, it’s
basically a no-brainer of a decision for
me which of the two, in that given
situation, I’d immediate prefer.

So they can all blow this entire Planet Earth up for all I
care, since as the practising Christian that I am and
have always been, I firmly and unconditionally
believe in an after-life attended by a much
better existence because of the life I’ve
lived here on earth so far, coupled with the one that
I presently enjoy; and which to-date isn’t all that
bad, I can assure you. So please, go ahead and
ridiculously press the Rogue State USA and
dual NATO nuclear buttons Donald Trump
together with other others of your kind,
and in your predominantly narcissistic,
self-opinionated, methodically dim-
witted Reality TV minds and alike
delusional manner, gratuitously
instigate and stupidly create
your farcically posturing,
profoundly insane and
clearly irreversibly
nuclear winter!

© Stanley V. Collymore
19 August 2017.

Author’s Remarks:
A global nuclear war instigated by Rogue State USA is neither Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Operation Gladio nor the numerous other illegal and barbaric escapades that this bullying and reprehensible entity has been involved in from its very inception and that since the end of World War Two has resulted in the gratuitous mass murder of in excess of 50 million people worldwide.

Rogue State USA, its toadying and arse-licking sycophants like Britain and the others of its ilk in the terrorist organization NATO must be challenged and brought to heel, and not least so because of the massive and invariably irreparable damage they’ve done in a diversity of ways to the rest of humanity and still carry on doing. And that involves constructive global unity between the decent and legitimate nations on this planet earth grasping the nettle and doing something about these intolerable travesties being perpetrated against ordinary and innocent persons, in their millions, globally.

And self-reliance is the key to achieving your objectives, since the likes of Russia, and China that like to pretend they’re the friends of those in the Global South evidently aren’t; and in my opinion are no fucking different from Rogue State USA and NATO. And are essentially no more than wannabe entities themselves that want to be part of the same white, western and discernibly barbaric and exploitative world that Rogue State USA currently and with the assistance of its white western lackeys and largely but not exclusively so Middle Eastern, Arab Useful Idiots control. And if Rogue State USA that hogs all of this were to open its arms to Russia and China these two mother-fucking hypocrites would jump at the chance to be a part of this Cabal of the ongoing murderous and exploitative practices directed against the Global South.