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Your considerable and historic legacy will enduringly live on, Mama Winnie Mandela

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By Stanley Collymore,

You were s resolute and steadfast beacon of illumination,
inspiration, consolation and unchanging reassurance
during those hideously barbaric years of apartheid
attendant with their premeditatedly conceived
and inhumanly inflicted atrocities directly
associated, not only with the iniquities
of apartheid itself but also the barbarous policies of
Black subjugation virulently and malevolently
attested through the intensely implemented
disadvantages of social, economic and
academic exclusion but additionally
and rather significantly as well,
political disenfranchisement.

Calculatedly created and insidiously established
encumbrances that purposely and effectively
constrained and inescapably killed off all
perceptibly pragmatic hopes of Black
societal emancipation and political
empowerment stone cold dead.
But you Mama Winnie: a formidable, relentless
and successful fighter against these callously
devised, spitefully enduring and rigorously
performed injustices, inspirationally and
coherently imbued in the rest of us, the
matching persistence and unwavering
steadfastness abounding in yourself
to carry on regardless, in our joint
fight against the overabundance
of social and human injustices
that our Black Race, not only
presently but unremittingly
for several centuries now
has also been intensely,
injuriously and rather
cold-heartedly been
evilly subjected to.

And although this uncompromising and committed
war for our unquestionable human rights, social
entitlements and characteristic self-esteem as
fellow human beings isn’t at all universally
recognized let alone supportively aided
by others, or on our part completely
gained entirely on our struggles – nevertheless
thanks tremendously to you, Mama Winnie
and your most efficacious combat against
apartheid – our own distinctive battles
for unresolved justice and equality
will assuredly and unremittingly
carry on, until the day of our
triumphant and deserving
freedom finally dawns.

© Stanley V. Collymore
20 April 2018.

Author’s Comments:
Hail to you Winnie Madikzela Mandela! A stalwart and courageous warrior for Black dignity and our malevolently trampled on sensitivities. A liberator of everything good within our Black race and an outstandingly commendable and inspirational creator of a legacy that will enduringly live on in the hearts and minds not only of those who were fortunate to know you and likewise observe your struggle while you were living amongst us, but will also carry on as a highly illuminating beacon for countless future generations of Black people and genuinely emancipated women across Africa, throughout its global Diaspora and the rest of humanity.

Therefore, now that your admirable and successful work on earth is completed rest, dear and sweet Lady, deservingly in eternal peace together with your Almighty and benevolent Creator and the Heavenly host of Angels of which you yourself are now one of them. And in bidding you a fond farewell, but most definitely no goodbye, I earnestly look forward to the glorious and the most rewarding opportunity of meeting up with again in person in eternity. God Bless and on earth and among our still subjugated Black Race especially – Amandla Awetu!

In faithful commemoration of the life of Halton Martin

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By Stanley Collymore

We weren’t only blood relatives who grew up in the
same socially cohesive St. Andrew community
of the Lakes District, we were also political
soul brothers, proud advocates in both
the defence and tirelessly laboured
and fought for advancement of
our mutual Black race, just
as we were also close
life-long friends.

Now tragically you’re no longer here among
us Hal. For Death has most pitilessly and
entirely unexpectedly taken you away,
not only from those who personally
knew and reciprocally loved you
but likewise has also provided
another unwarranted impediment in the long
running story of our peoples’ significantly
historic and fundamentally heroic fight
for our rightful recognition through
social emancipation, essential
political justice and the still
unresolved compensatory
fiscal requirements of
slavery and sensibly
colonial amends.

Making you during your prized life Hal
a steadfast fighter for all these things
and a great deal more. And, what
undeniably, I’m appreciatively
consoled by, my close blood
relation, established, very
cherished and a notable
friend, will be your
enduring legacy
Halton Martin.

© Stanley V. Collymore
23 March 2018.

Author’s Remarks:
You’ve prematurely in my view Hal, unhappily and most regrettably departed this world and are therefore physically no longer with those of us who knew and loved you, but in our hearts and minds as well as our memories you and your impressive legacy will live on forever in the profound admiration and thoroughly unshakable affection for you not just of current but also, as of yet unborn, future, similarly proud and immensely grateful generations Barbadians.

So farewell and not goodbye my dear friend and biological cousin embraced as you now are by the Almighty God and the heavenly throng, until those of us who have currently survived you meet up with you again, and this time in Celestial Eternity. Amen!

The priceless gift of friendship

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By Stanley Collymore

Genuine friendship is a requisite asset that without
which no relationship that’s worth the name can
logically claim, in any given circumstance,
that devoid of it, whether intentionally
or haplessly unthinkingly, its cynical
desertion or irresponsibly contrived avoidance
don’t actually matter, on the spurious notion
that life, relative to those concerned will
fundamentally, and even unescapably
as formerly continue just the same.
I have personally never or will I
ever advocate such an absurd
illusion or dubious concept
and accounts all the more
as to why your precious
friendship Jana clearly
does and will always
mean so much to me.

© Stanley V. Collymore
3 March 2018.

Author’s Remarks:
You Jana and me totally unknown in every conceivable respect to each other until we unintentionally but auspiciously met have nevertheless since that very first memorable and most enlivening encounter quite fortuitously, mutually appealingly, markedly appreciatively and gaily celebratorily become not only firm but also enduring friends.

A staunch relationship that’s principally due in great measure to the consummate, characteristic, enchanting and deeply ingrained feminine qualities that you Jana so abundantly possess yet unpretentiously display.

And with these evidently and enhancing assets fully and permanently integrated, as they undoubtedly are, with your manifest intelligence, discernment, cultured demeanour, perspicaciousness, bon mot, insightfulness and an ineluctable sexual charisma that zestfully captivates the mind and penetratingly stimulates the physical propensities of all genuinely red-blooded and indisputably heterosexual males, makes you Jana the graceful embodiment of what’s definitively the very best there is about the exemplary female gender and its corresponding femininity.

If you’re sure there is no God, why do you always criticize Him the way that you do?

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By Stanley Collymore

For persons like me who take their Christian Faith seriously and
which is itself clearly juxtaposed, as has always been the case,
with a firm and unswerving belief in God Almighty, all this
might come as something of a puzzlement to those who’re
distinctly sceptical of every religion that there is and not
only the Christian one. Committed agnostics who not
only think but also openly say that they need more
persuasive arguments to thoroughly convince them that there’s
an authentic feasibility of there being a God and, moreover,
one who does actually exist. Or intransigent atheists, for
their part whose entrenched view on religion and hand
on heart approach is that it’s essentially a concerted
gambit by the societally rich and privileged elites,
and has always been so, to maintain the general
masses in check and continuous subjugation.

And, consequently, that religion and its earnestly embarked
on proselytizing vocation is therefore nothing more or
less in substance than a suitable and effective sop
being used by its ironically, largely irreligious
controllers to fittingly ensure that this deeply
inbuilt, structurally continuing, somewhat
controlling in its formation, perpetually
and emotionally exploitative, and a distinctly graspingly
materialistic mechanism carries on remorselessly to
their private satisfaction and covetous ambitions,
as well as their anticipated and readily looked
forward to, contented, self-aggrandizement,
while simultaneously noticeably working
extremely consciously to the calculated
disadvantage and the overall detriment
of practically everyone else in their
relevant wider communal society.

But crucially, too, there are those who conscionably
speculate or otherwise strongly demand to know
what the forthright and honest answer to this
unsettling and troublesome question is: “If
there’s honestly a God in existence and,
furthermore, one who is patently almighty, all-seeing,
unquestionably all-knowing and even supposedly
everlastingly good as it’s frequently suggested
and often pedantically claimed or arrogantly
pronounced that super-being genuinely is
and shall forever be. Why on earth then
does he, she or it regularly, manifestly
and unpardonably turn a blind eye to
or, worst still, uninterestedly permit
to occur the surfeit of multifarious
activities and infinitely outrageous
atrocities globally, and which specifically correlate
with demarcated concerns of political, social and
particularized injustices, extensive suffering of
all kinds and themselves hugely compounded
by calculated, gross and malevolent actions
of dispossession, mass murder, genocide,
crimes against humanity, torture and its
associated corporeal abuse; financial
corruption and human exploitation
attendant with innumerable, heart
rending incidences of what are
largely preventable diseases,
mass starvation and further
acts of planned criminality.
All of these the sickening specialities devised through
rampant imperialism and the residues of malignant
colonialism, instigated by western hemispheric
countries on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean
and afterwards disastrously fulfilled either
by Useful Idiotic sycophants working for
them or the west’s very own armed and
odious, military association: The North
Atlantic Terrorist Organization (NATO).

Now set all that against your personal beliefs, delusional
though several of them they might be yet despite that
are voiced openly, resonantly and arrogantly that
somehow your particular race complemented
with its professedly cherished skin colour,
together too with your culturally taught
maxim and loyally illusory aphorism
that you of all people are definitely
far superior to everyone else and,
therefore, completely entitled to
the incontestable privilege of racial and social exclusivism,
and then ask yourself why any God regardless of whom
that person is, would seriously want to save you from
your own stupidity? And if you’re half as clever as
you reckon that you are you’ll quickly recognize
why it is that God who from the very moment
of your conception knowledgeably endowed
you with the ability to think and also make
germane decisions for yourself, would in
conditions as the barbaric abuse or the
devised abandonment by you of this
divine trust and solidarity wouldn’t
or conceivably should not desire,
and taking all things into appropriate consideration,
allow you to be aptly hoisted by your own petard
while they independently opt, as any judicious
observer would not to interfere? But because
they don’t, when your stupidity eventually
smacks you head-on and catastrophically
in the face does not, if I might dare to
suggest, by any of your pertinacious
ideas suggest, let alone in any way
establish that God does not exist!

© Stanley V. Collymore
18 December 2017.

Author’s Remarks:
Whether or not you believe that Jesus Christ was actually born on the 25th December – and credible data categorically demonstrate that he most definitely was not, as that date, having already been well recognized and completely accepted in the European pagan calendar as a very important pagan festival day and therefore the early purveyors of Christianity into this part of the world fully cognizant of this, rather pragmatically saw the wisdom of retaining it and furthermore also incorporating this day into the Christian calendar with the same degree of significance rather than scrapping it and in the process lose the prospect of gaining pagan converts to Christianity, accordingly hard-headedly adopted this important pagan day as the highlight of the European Christian calendar.

A ploy that worked wonderfully well, for not only did these proselytizers of Christianity into Europe succeed in their prearranged objective and turned Europe from being pagan into what superficially at any rate became a Christian entity, when Europeans subsequently began their colonization of considerable parts of the globe, though essentially at heart hardly Christian in what they were doing at the time, Christmas Day already a central plank in the Christian faith of Europeans was also transferred by whatever means, fair or foul although the latter was the most common of these methods, by these Europeans who’d colonized these territories and at the same usurped the inalienable rights of their indigenous populations.

So one way or another Christianity became the dominant religion not only in Europe but also the areas of the world that Europeans had colonized and accordingly dominated. Therefore, in the process of all this Christianity and particularly so Christmas Day itself, and the numerous festivities surrounding whether these were religious or in effect secular, became a significant and ensuing traditional component of the year’s calendar.

A time when most people endeavour, if only superficially so, to give the impression, at least publicly, that they’re essentially “decent” human beings and not at all bad as it might overly seem. Unless, of course, you happen to be a thoroughly sickening, totally dim-witted, inured, and a thoroughbred purblind, moronic warmonger like STUART PEACH: A bigwig – what’s essentially a pseudonym for an insidious open Queer, but more likely than not a clandestine one in the hierarchical officer corps of the British Armed Forces. Fundamentally Ingrained scum without a modicum of merit or self-worth to their pathetic existence and who need to consistently and publicly grandstand in the most ludicrous of fashions to draw attention to their useless existence. Persons who gain advancement not through merit but rather through the well-practised method of bending over and enjoying it while thinking of their distinctly skewed and sick version of England.

And while I hold no brief for any of the nuclear nations, openly declared or clandestine as in the case of Yidland, since they’re all of them the same with thoroughly imbecilic leaders for the most part who like the feral school kids that they are in mind-set haven’t grown up and never will because they haven’t the capacity to do so and consider their nuclear arsenals in the very same way as a self-declared Lothario does his “large” penis whether he’s any good at using it effectively, it’s the identical situation with these nuclear jerks. Big mouths and no common sense behind their bragging.

And having gotten all that off my chest I’d now finally and importantly like to turn to you my readers, followers and those following me, through thick and thin, and say how grateful I am to you for taking some of your most valuable time to read and at times positively respond to my several articles, poetry, tweets and other online publications. And your contributions I can assure you are immensely appreciated. So especially from me, my German Partner, family members and our closest friends we wish you a truly Merry Christmas with God’s fullest blessings, and attendant with those a fantastic and most rewarding 2018. God Bless You All!

Restrained conventionality or informed consent to the inner and challenging voice of reason?

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By Stanley Collymore

Always and earnestly endeavour to be who and what you
genuinely as well as independently think and believe
that you are – and as is habitually the case, if left
unfettered, invariably turns out to be – sensibly
and unapologetically devising in the process
of your doing so as much ordered objectivity, in relation
to yourself and your personal ambitions, that you can
realistically muster and then with straightforward
integrity utilize in your serious desire to be the
person – whom with accomplished courage, a
tenacious determination and both of these
descriptions combined with a decidedly,
absolutely decisively, unpretentious
and engaging composition – you’ll
be suitably acquainted not only
to truthfully and gratifyingly
wish to be, but in actuality
also admirably become.

© Stanley V. Collymore
12 December 2017.

Author’s Remarks:
Is it just a generational thing or have people nowadays in general and when compared to previous generations of the same ages and essentially social standing become a lot lazier, more stupid and increasingly significantly more incompetent than their predecessors have ever been?

Present-day individuals who haven’t the rudimentary common-sense let alone any discernible intellectual acumen to either think about far less so suitably work out solutions for themselves but instead consistently choose to rely on the malevolent overtures of others to determine for them how they should think or react to situations that explicitly relate to themselves.

And what sort of a meaningful life is it when the innate qualities that you were born with are asininely, unthinkingly and willing allowed to be subjugated by the selfish adventurism and wishes of others, leaving you in the process as nothing more than essentially dim-witted and easily manipulated human robots?

Your decision undoubtedly but is this really the very best that you can contribute or deliver to humanity after several millennia of mankind’s evolution?

Love royally expressed in Black and White!

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By Stanley Collymore

I won’t ever dream of nor will I at any stage or given moment
in time either unprofessionally or even more so ludicrously,
damagingly and quite evidently too ridiculously permit
myself to be coercively, self-servingly, egotistically
or falsely drawn into what, in my candid opinion,
is a perceptibly feral amalgamation, of what in
itself and by any honestly espoused and truly
balanced explanation constitute a distinctly
feral combination, plus a wholly and hideously grotesque
exposition of what is both essentially and furthermore
quite undoubtedly an entirely bizarre but, even so, a
fully expected by some, and a rather hubristically
and unquestionable contribution to the callous,
vindictive, racist, glaringly apparent and the
concertedly hurled, at will, horrid insults
and the accumulation of unpardonable
humiliation fallaciously but, all the
same, nastily directed at Meghan
Markle: The African-American
fiancée and chosen wife-to-be
of Harry Windsor her future
husband and presently the
fifth in line, hereditarily
to the British throne.

And I’m most emphatic in relation to all of this that I
absolutely will not, even remotely so, confer even
a scintilla of acknowledgement to these visibly
sick, attention-seeking, fanatically headline
grabbing, obsessively in search of – and
always in tune with their profoundly
ingrained, infamous and, as well,
the recurrent wish for transient exposure to dubious
“fame” purveyors of racial bigotry, concentrated
Black hatred and their planned disinformation,
markedly conventional of such intellectually
impoverished lowlife, redneck retards and
the excess of other analogous heartless,
white Caucasian morons industriously
undertaking to marshal backing for
their undertaking, while zealously
deriving vast satisfaction from
a consummate pertinaciously
devised, robust, thoroughly
and fervently proselytized
and, unsurprisingly, their
evidently demented and
sociopathic enterprises.

Since, as I envision it, falling in love mutually with that
special one whom you’ve always dreamt of meeting,
doing so eventually and most happily discovering
that they similarly share a reciprocal interest as
well as a deep-seated ambition for the two of
you to jointly share the rest of your earthly
lives together in reciprocal contentment
and blessed matrimony is a realization
which, by any eloquent terminology and authoritatively
speaking, is concretely second to no other hoped for
experience. And you Meghan Markle: a genuinely
buoyant establishment of an observable intellect
accomplished poise, polished culture skilfully
embroidered with a mesmerizing refinement,
an immaculately tailored self-confidence; a
conspicuously perfected awareness of the
positive contribution you’re capable of
amalgamated with the unsurpassable
determination on your part that you
have already faultlessly shown to
those who’re very much aware of what you’ve
diligently been doing to make a general and
importantly a truthfully consequential and
vital difference socially and societally in
this world, which we’re obliged to live
in, and most particularly so for those
forced through extremely revolting
circumstances, and commonly no
fault at all whatsoever of theirs,
to abysmally find themselves
inexcusably and customarily
inescapably in the process
evilly thrown into. Counteractions
by you Meghan which represent
a consummate summation of
Black and, as it happens in
your distinctive situation
Meghan Markle African
American, Beauty and
a superb reassuringly
and an inspirational
progress presented
at its peerless best!

Meanwhile, you Harry Windsor a prince of the British
realm and privileged by any criterion that one can
rationally employ in the circumstances you find
yourself in, have impressively matured over
the years from the rather rebellious royal
tearaway which you seemingly gloried
in and, figuratively, with nobs on at
the time to become a remarkably
outstanding, matured in mind, conscionable and an
amazingly, exceptionally hardworking man. One
whom your late mother Princess Diana, by me
and, comprehensibly, countless millions of
others not merely in Britain but globally
too was enormously loved and adored,
would, I’m entirely sure, immensely
and comprehensively ongoing be
extraordinarily and deservingly
so be very proud of you Harry.
And not solely of your many
and emergent attainments
but comparably too, the
significant love in your personal life
and a most creditable selection as
your preferred wife: A rare and
prized Black Diamond visibly
identifiable with her unique
and appealing sparkle: the
striking Meghan Markle!

© Stanley V. Collymore
6 December 2017.

Author’s Remarks:
Already, so far, a great deal has been said, and doubtlessly this will continue to be the case, in respect of the official and public announcement that Prince Harry, currently the fifth in line to the English throne, will in May 2018 marry Ms Meghan Markle an African-American woman whose Black ancestors the white, western mainstream media and others of a similar mind with their hidden or not so hidden agendas, are falling over themselves to point out were enslaved cotton pickers in Rogue State USA’s Deep South.

Well whatever your views are in relation to the proposed matrimonial union between Prince Harry, evidently white Caucasian and his intended and Black wife Meghan Markle, and I’m addressing this unambiguous caution to any and everyone who has a genuine opinion of their own or else is quite happy to have themselves manipulatively persuaded by others exhorting you how to think in respect of this matter, go ahead a feel free to have these views that you have decided to latch on to.

And I would go further and say that if you’re asked to express them then do so by all means. After all you’re supposedly living in a democratic society where Freedom of though and its attendant expression are supposedly salient parts of that set-up. However, there’s always a “but”. And mine is this. Don’t arrogantly, asininely or submissively assume your point of view is the only one others should or must take full cognizance of and accordingly wholeheartedly and unquestioningly embrace as their own.

Meanwhile, I extend my fullest congratulations to Meghan and Harry on their engagement and upcoming marriage and sincerely wish them all the very best in the future live together.

Truly, devotedly and committedly yours Barbados. And Happy 51st Independence Birthday!

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By Stanley Collymore

Fifty-one years ago, precisely on the 30th November 1966
Barbados acquired its independence and in accordance
with that decisive declaration became a sovereign
and independent country amongst the several
other nations not merely in the Caribbean
region but also the broader global community. A notable
and auspicious occasion as well as a political process
that having duly attainted maximum fruition over
a period of two hundred and thirty-nine years
of formerly English and subsequently after
the latter’s political amalgamation with
the Scottish to inaugurate the United
Kingdom, full British observation.

And I’ve specifically used the term observation, and
preferably consciously so, since from its august
inception, both in terms of colonization and
its earliest settlement by the English in
1627 Barbados was in management
terms an entirely self-governing
entity with its very own island-based and domestically
controlled parliament whose effective achievement
was realized in 1639, and which ever since that
time has continuously and abidingly been the
commendably democratic beacon that has
luminously, unyieldingly and stalwartly
gleamed over this Eastern Caribbean
island during the preceding years,
making it, following the House
of Commons in Westminster,
London the second oldest
worldwide, political and
founded nation-driven
self-ruled legislature.

So to our plethora of laudable Barbadian legislators
who over the years – past, present and naturally as
well aspiring ones – I sincerely, together with
our closely-knit nation of Bajans at home
and correspondingly across our much
broader global Diaspora say thanks
to all of you for everything that
you’ve amazingly undertaken and also practicably done,
and in the complete and encouraging knowledge that
in the case, I know, of our gifted, committed and
forthcoming Barbadian citizens and in tandem
with those who are as yet unborn, that all of
you will generously, confidently and with
accomplished pride in yourselves, and
similarly our nation, carry on doing,
as your dauntless forbearers have
commendably done, everything
that you possibly can for our
charming, tropically idyllic
and Beautiful Barbados;
as well as our intensely
blessed, enormously
religious, diligent,
harmonious and
utterly exciting
Bajan and, of
course, our

© Stanley V. Collymore
29 November 2017.

Author’s Remarks:
There are some things that instinctively, significantly and wholeheartedly impact on one’s entire consciousness and general wellbeing in such a thoroughly welcoming and superbly inspirational fashion that words, however gifted that one is with them, are insufficient by themselves to fully express the amazing sensations, both physically and emotionally, that these pleasurable realizations cause in the first place and accordingly enduringly carry on doing so in the most delightful manner.

And the effect that my ancestral homeland, Barbados throughout all of my life has had, does and will forever, and in the most positive manner, continue to do so is for me an indisputable fact of life and furthermore one which I’m most grateful is irrefutably unchangeable in every conceivable way.

For this tropical paradise: the most easterly of all the Caribbean Islands vigorously washed on its northern and eastern coastlines by the expansive and impressive Atlantic Ocean and on its southern and western shores by the tranquil waters of the Caribbean Sea definitely means the world to me, as do the people, my maternal and paternal families and many friends included, who inhabit it; our national global Diaspora of Bajans, as well as our highly prized collection of blessed elders and ancestors who sacrificed so much for us and accordingly have enabled subsequent generations of Barbadians to be who we uniquely are.

And so on this the 51st Anniversary of Barbados’ official Independence Day – 30 November 2017 – I unreservedly thank this exceedingly special island, its people, successive democratic governments that administered them, my church, the schools there and especially the ones I fortunately attended – Belleplaine Boys’ School and the historic Alleyne Grammar School – Bajan society general, my several adult mentors and my Barbadian relatives particularly for setting in train the important groundwork as well as assisting me in every altruistic way that you could in becoming the person and immensely proud Bajan that I am.

And to all those who have over the years passed on into the after-life, from me I want you to know as I’m sure you still keep an eye on our blessed homeland that you’ll never be forgotten in any shape or form; precious to me in life and continuingly so in death!

So multiple and deep-seated thanks from me, one of your grateful native sons, and Happy 51st Birthday Barbados. And to all my fellow at home or wherever you are in the world enjoy the occasion and God Bless you all as I extend to each and every one of you my profoundest and enduring love.

The truly magical and profoundly inspirational qualities of love

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By Stanley Collymore

I like to think of love as an experience worth having and most
definitely not as a commodity to be bartered for and traded
to the seemingly most advantageous and highest bidder,
or else used as an exploitative means over someone
whom you evilly wish to control. Therefore, Love
is for me something that comes quite naturally,
achieves its own precise momentum, and discerns when
to be commanding, in the most confident fashion, and,
accordingly, when to judiciously hold back and take
a noticeably observational back seat of the current
proceedings. For real love is altruism at its very
best, because it’s entirely prepared at all times
to both give, and do all that it positively can
and neither claim nor demand anything in
return for what it has constructively and
willingly done. Emotions, my Darling,
that serve as just a meagre fraction of
the multiple reasons why I not only
love you enormously, but am also
profoundly too in love with you!

© Stanley V. Collymore
28 November 2017.

Author’s Remarks:
In this rather sick and thoroughly demented world that significant numbers of us are regrettably forced to live in amongst the plethora of absolutely dim-witted, easily manipulated, delusional and utterly sociopathically, intellectually impoverished and lowlife retards that also inhabit this Planet Earth that we all have no other choice in our earthly existence but to call home, it has unquestionably and quite obviously become rather self-evident to anyone with even a half-functioning let alone a fully operational brain in their head that many longstanding, tried and tested cultural and social values of note that have stood the test of time for literally numerous generations and even countless millennia ever since mankind first walked on the surface of Planet Earth and thereafter began evolving, subsequently establishing and accordingly reinforcing suitable and worthy civilizations as a result not only for those who were currently existing at the time but also their offspring and distant descendants who would follow them are now seemingly in the 21st Century very much in peril.

And by and large this system of cultured behaviour, practised custom and well-thought out rituals that have become endearingly embedded in the respective communities and societies of their respective times and consequently have worked exceedingly well for those involved, and with Homo sapiens initiating through evolved procedures the requisite skills that they deemed to be important and then fine-tuning them to make life overall considerably better for most if not exactly everyone in their various communities is now somehow seemed by their detractors as issues to be confronted, scorned and dismissively got rid of.

Incredibly so. Since these evolutions and developments were matters that were intentionally designed to make life infinitely better than was previously the case for others who were on earth before them or that those previously here could ever possibly have imagined. A process that saw the judicious eradication or summary dismissal of those things that neither had merit nor could possibly ever have enhanced the lives of the majority of people who were happily otherwise living at any one specific period of time in mankind’s historical and physical existence.

Now in the 21st Century such astute activities and well-meaning considerations are being gratuitously, malevolently and discernibly as swell idiotically, virulently and quite dangerously under the attack of egotistical, grotesquely self-serving, demented attention seeking, perniciously controlling and manifestly obtuse self-appointed tsars in relation to what other, and who’re very much unasked about their honest opinions, should think or do. And who moreover in their brazen arrogance and psychopathic assertions belligerently believe and consequently automatically assume that they instinctively and therefore unchallengeably know what’s best for the rest of us, and must therefore unmolestedly be allowed to proceed in their asinine quest.

And bearing all that in mind all that I’ve observantly noticed and previously said there is absolutely no doubt in my mind whatsoever that this coterie of sociopathically infused, virulently psychopathically demented, compulsively controlling and decidedly delusional nutters if allowed to have their sick, recurrently always looking for something to caustically criticize, condemn and malevolently change to suit their comprehensively distorted and warped minds, will accordingly do everything that they possibly can to sickeningly transform as well as destroy the beautiful concept of natural love that every rational human being positively and romantically aspires to achieving and endorsing for themselves as well as delightfully and lovingly giving to others, and especially that special person in their own life, into something even more nightmarish than Hell itself.

Because unfortunately these silly sods are the kind of pathetic and self-indulgent nerds that all intelligent, sensible and enlightened human beings are increasingly, within the 21st Century, finding themselves having to deal with. An outrageous situation, I know, but nevertheless one that we mustn’t allow those dregs of society and the epitome of what’s noticeably the worst of rampant, lowlife activities to gain full control of, let alone win. For to permit that would be a rank betrayal of your own independence and the thorough undermining as well of all the remarkably good things that many of our respective ancestors have in the past sacrificed their lives for to ensure that those who came after them could inhabit and benefit in the process from a much better world, and one where love was an integral part of those proceedings.

Simply and honestly I love you exclusively, my exquisite German Princess! (Poem)

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By Stanley Collymore

I thought I’d like to share this amusing and a profoundly
emblematizing joke with you my precious Darling in
order to further emphasize, in light relief this time,
how very much, in real and solid terms, I am in
love with you and the extent and consistency
therein, naturally, of what you actually, as
a consequence of this and several other
motivational things and experiences,
mean to me now, have always done unquestionably in
the past, and will, most assuredly continue to do so
enduringly. There was this gold enthusiast, you
see, who in his extreme and undue obsession
with this singular and precious metal, most
determinedly decided to become a gold
prospector. And as a consequence of
his inexorable wish and subsequent
decision chose to risk everything
in his private possession: both
financially and in asset terms,
embracing his total life’s
savings on his extravagant
wish of a lifetime vision
of becoming in his
highly optimistic fantasy – but realistically to
you and me far-fetched optimism – of
immediately and automatically, as
he doubtlessly saw it, getting filthy
and deservedly rich too.

And to that compulsively tempting and evidently to him a
seemingly mouth-watering end, he accordingly bought
and gladly registered with the suitable authorities
in his land a new and pristine goldmine claim
that without a shadow of doubt on his part
he thought would undeniably advance
and significantly enhance his risible – but clearly
from the objective perspective by any normal
and intelligent person was something that
was unmistakeably not to be credibly
relied upon – financial ambitions
and doggedly acquisitive aims.

Alas, however, for this ingrained egotistical man his
rather exaggeratedly hoped for gold rush inspired
and excitedly induced financial expectations
didn’t pan out. Prompting the fitting and
unavoidably reflexive response from
others in tune with the discernible boldness from
equally prescient-minded persons, who were
fully acquainted with what he’d heedlessly
embarked upon, and therefore were also
mindful of the immense predicament
he was now predictably embroiled
in, to unsympathetically sneer at
him and mordantly say of him:
bloody well serves him right!

And more particularly so for out-datedly assuming,
in what’s now the 21st Century that for the likes
of him it’s still insultingly and disgracefully
perceived to be perfectly ethical for them
to garner massive economic gains or
returns on absolutely speculative
investments alone and furthermore in decidedly
exploitative and clearly immoral situations
that strictly on their own merit are more
likely than not actual demerits needing
nowt else in this dishonest bargaining.
No divergence then is my personal
opinion in any kind of discerning
investigation or reading when it
comes to true love, as distinct
from the self-interested and
envisioning kind. And the
conviction of what exists
between you and me my
Love needs no explanation of what we
substantially have, or any road map
to tell us where we are going or
should be travelling to. As we
clearly, and unaided, have
always known, and still
confidently do where
we’re at; and what’s
more, exactly too
where it is that
we’re jointly
heading to.

© Stanley V. Collymore
23 November 2017.

Authors Remarks:
Falling in love is fundamentally an emotional, usually a reflexive occurrence as a consequence of something that has unexpectedly, possibly excitingly and not unusually hopefully happened to the person who suddenly, or as an afterthought, has been the individual person who found himself or herself exposed, or even involuntarily subjected, to that particular situation which fortunately or otherwise they’ve now found themselves in.

Being in love, however, is an entirely different matter that consequentially involves the explorative understanding and the likely significances that stem from or may accrue from not only strongly and emotionally getting involved with someone but also involves the intriguing prospect of welcomingly, enhancingly and worthily having that person in your life and just as complimentarily having you do the same in theirs.

Words are essentially redundant when it comes to expressing how I feel about you. Fortunately, you and I have multiple ways of expressing our love for each other (smile). Nevertheless, in traditional and enduring word-form I’ll simply say: I Love You

White superiority delusions on full and highly addictive steroids! (Poem)

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By Stanley Collymore

Answer me this simple question fully and honestly. Why are so
many people in Britain, comprising among them considerable
numbers of young men and women too, as well as fresh-
faced teenagers still in school, and whose individual
lives, quite transparently, and similarly from any
rational perspective, are yet to begin, in such
the discernibly pathetic state in which they’re in? Especially
so, if as you conceitedly and self-indulgently claim every
thing is completely honky-dory; however, for my part
I contradictorily, unfalteringly and unapologetically
maintain that what you’re dishonestly asserting to
cover up the realism of a very troublesome and
even a devastating situation, is nothing more
than yet another of your already numerous
disingenuous and outright lying refrains
to deceitfully detract awareness away
from the perversity of what things
certainly are in reality, as they
realistically pertain to these
suicidal-inflicted persons.

All of them, incidentally, being indisputably vital components
of and fully ensconced members within your much vaunted
and, as you’d most assuredly love to have everyone else
credulously believe, is categorically a very reputably
vouched for, democratically-conceived, prudently
inspired, studiously structured and, likewise, an
essentially well-implemented, yet for all that
is nevertheless a noticeably glaring, as well as a congruently
and utterly risible to everyone who’s justifiably regarded
as a reasonable competent and, additionally, a normal
human being, apart that is from you and other alike
persons like you, as a totally idiotic clarification.
But is all the same still unconditionally trotted
out by you as a fully meritocratic-operated,
distinctly well-balanced and, even vainly,
a correspondingly and quite decidedly
a civilized, white Caucasian led and,
understandably, quite naturally, a
most proficiently controlled in
the process, western society.

And, in effect, isn’t only the very best thing on offer
to-date socially and societally but is also the very
epitome of what all competently-run countries
worldwide ought in all truthfulness earnestly
endeavour for and inexorably set out to be!
If only unequivocally for the betterment
of their national integrity, sovereignty,
the philanthropic advancement and development of their
own population, the inducement, and as well the total
implementation of a truly worthwhile, passionately
encouraged to aspire to in its entirety progression
that’s in turn complemented with the absolutely
endorsed guarantees of a visibly wide-ranging,
stupendous and a significantly advantageous,
decidedly inspired, approvingly determined
and, of course, white-western civilization.

One that’s in complete tandem with a prudently thought out,
studiously catered for, structurally adopted, persistently
promoted, proudly proselytized and comparably an
all-inclusively embraced western-emulated type
society. Alas, though, there is one foremost
discrepancy which I personally perceive.
For this unmistakably distracting fallacy, notwithstanding
your hyperbolic but none the less idiotic clamour for it,
is not what I see when I carefully check your better
than everything else going which is on offer and
naturally outclassed by your superior western
society! But, accordingly, dolefully leaves
unsuccessfully unexplained exactly why
it is that so many people within Britain
and together with the rest of the west
habitually resort to taking their own
lives if, as you haughtily maintain
it’s western society per se, which
consistently not only offers but
also delivers nowt but the best.

© Stanley V. Collymore
22 November 2017.

Author’s Remarks:
In the wake of the enforced resignation of Robert Mugabe the democratically elected President of Zimbabwe on the 21st of November 2017 and someone who I’ve always respected and supported, and nothing will ever change that, and in conjunction with the 54th anniversary of the assassination of J.F Kennedy the President of the United States on this day, the 22nd November 2017 and two people who gave their all to bringing about meaningful change not only in their respective country but also the rest of a still pathetically sick world I wholeheartedly and proudly dedicate this poem to both of them, in the full knowledge that when their detractors and haters are long gone and easily forgotten they will eternally live on in the hearts and minds of as yet unborn generations, as the great men they undoubtedly were.

I was born in the west and grew up there but I’ve never been a slave to so-called western values and the arrogance that is assumed when normally speaking about it that most people adopt, that everything that smacks of civilization had its genesis within western society and by definition those run exclusively by white Caucasians, which isn’t just a fallacy but to put it bluntly is absolutely utter crap.

However, I don’t automatically think that everything associated with the west is evil and other regions of the world are areas of enlightenment for that also is totally nonsensical. One only has to look at Bantu Saudi: that Persian Gulf cesspit to comprehend what I mean or Burma, as I still call it, just to name two examples of murderous entities that inflict this planet earth.

My attitude therefore has been one of drawing on all things that I know and feel confident with and am equally convinced will improve intellectually and in numerous other beneficial ways my own personality as a human being.

What you do with your life however is a matter entirely for you, but don’t be surprised if those who think like I do retaliate and do so with every resource at our disposal if you assume that your concept of white western “civilization” or any other for that matter is the epitome of everything that should and must exist because you think so.