Ballad on Basketball

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Basketball is a fun sport,
As I run up and down the court,
With sweat dripping off my chest,
Like a summer’s day that I won’t forget.
There are no winners or losers,
Just high expectations and over achievers,
The game basketball is a hobby not just a sport,
With more than one court,
What an interesting sport.
I would be up top,
Point guard of course.
Not wasting a lot of time as I bring the ball up the court,
The time is almost up that’s an issue.
As I throw the ball up,
Grab a tissue.
I sent the other team packing,
As the crowd roared woo woo.
The M.V.P award just for me,
Yeah I am a part of a team.
You hear boos and you hear woos,
But in the end nobody ever loses.

Sonnet on Sight

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Sight is like a view, forever ongoing,
The things to see and hear,
Like when the sea is roaring,
Or the things we all fear.

My sight of seeing all,
Would be a great deal to me,
A simple love of basketball,
Would be the best thing to see.

I cannot deny my love of sight,
For without it I would be blind,
With all of God’s great might,
And everything that is divine.

Simply said I need my sight to see
Everything in life that makes us all free.