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As I first looked upon you,
I saw God’s gift, a welcome smile.
My eyes’ blurred around you,
I couldn’t see for a mile.
You burst a vein in my heart,
You are my beven.
You have pierced into me like a dart;
Are you my angel sent from heaven?

But, I got caught in his lies,
How was I so delusional?
As a waterfall of acid raindrops complies,
My eternal bleeding causes a sceptical illusion.
Love is a four letter lie,
Meaning an everlasting wound.
You had me caught in a pig sty,
Were I was in a burial ground.

You were a self-absorbed fool,
Once my hovering cloud.
No longer shall you rule,
As I overcrowd.
No more shall their be a black and white rainbow,
But a clear blue sky.
Forever more I will glow,
As I fly high!

A True Love’s Tale

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Love is a fairytale in a story,
A glance at the blind side.
Love is Clyde and Bonnie,
And is often based on pride.
Love is never fear,
It’s the person who created ‘wonderful’.
Love is music to the ear,
But of all these things it is…

Love is harsh and monstrous,
Deceitful and full of betrayals.
Love is testing and curious,
Filled with cutting hearts like sails.
Love is impatient and worthless,
Bought buy pockets of ‘moneyful’.
Love is cruel and tasteless,
But of all these things it is…

True love is a warm glow in winter,
A flower in the middle of a drought.
True love is as close as a finger and a splinter,
And stay by each other through out.
True love is mesmerising and compassionate,
And not just in it for the gift showering.
True love is like a bunny in a hat,
But of all, true love is…
Over powering!