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I was born in Middlesboro, Kentucky in 1971. I moved to East Tennessee in 1973 and I've lived here ever since. My hobbies are writing and drawing.

Four Years

Four Years
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It was four years ago tonight when Dad died.
He couldn’t beat cancer even though he tried.
Dad died four years ago tonight at the age of sixty-five.
He received chemo and transfusions but he didn’t survive.

After battling leukemia for twenty months, his battle came to an end.
When I lost my dad, I lost my next of kin.
Four years ago, I lost both of my parents and that was very sad.
It was four years ago tonight when we had to say goodbye to Dad.

[Dedicated to Charles F. Johnson (1947-2013) who died on July 13, 2013.]

The Consequences of Dumping SuperGirl

The Consequences of Dumping SuperGirl
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I dumped SuperGirl because her boobs are hard as rocks.
They are literally harder than concrete cinder blocks.
I should’ve known they were hard because bullets bounce off of them.
Breasts that aren’t soft should be a crime because it is so grim.
When I broke it off, she made my life a living hell.
She burned down my house and pissed in my well.
If you think that was bad, you won’t believe the other things that she did.
She lied to Social Services, she said that I abused my son and I lost my kid.
She put an end to my sex life when she used her laser beams to castrate me.
My manhood has been taken and no jail will hold the bitch so she’s going free.
My life has fallen to pieces, I would give anything for some Kryptonite.
I would also want Batman’s armor suit so I could kill that bitch in a fight.
Don’t even think about dating SuperGirl, believe me when I say that it is no fun.
If you date her and break it off, you’d better have a Kryptonite bullet in your gun.

The Loss of Adam West

The Loss of Adam West
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Batman has died and people are depressed.
The world has to say goodbye to Adam West.
He starred as the Caped Crusader for three years.
Before he went to Heaven, he had a great career.
He became the Dark Knight over fifty years ago.
He made a success of the Batman television show.
He was a reoccurring character on Family Guy.
His fans are both sorry and sad to see him die.
He was very talented but now he’s being laid to rest.
Every Batman fan should be grateful to Adam West.

(Dedicated to Adam West who died at the age of 88 on June 9, 2017.)

Te Love of His Life

Te Love of His Life
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I have something to tell you in all of its glory.
It’s about a man and woman named John and Phyllis and ‘s a love story.
Phyllis is handicapped and John takes care of her.
She’s the love of his life and he sure does love her.
Taking care of Phyllis isn’t easy, John has to work very hard.
She makes him happy, she’s a woman who he won’t discard.
John works so hard to take care of her because she is his soulmate.
When I see such love between two people, it is absolutely great.
If you’re wondering when these two will split up, the answer is never.
She loves him as much as he loves her, they are meant to be together.

(Dedicated to John Brown and Phyllis McIntosh.)

Goodbye Kmart

Goodbye Kmart
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The Kmart has closed that was located in Morristown, Tennessee.
That’s one less place where people can shop and that includes me.
This particular Kmart was built in 1974.
After being in business for 43 years, they closed their doors.
They were in business for over four decades, that’s a long time to be around.
This makes five department stores in Morristown that have been shut down.
I had shopped at Kmart since I was a child but I can’t shop there anymore.
It’s a shame that they had to call it quits, it’s sad that they closed their store.

Roger Moore

Roger Moore
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The sadness that we are feeling is too painful to ignore.
People are very sad because of the death of Roger Moore.
He starred as James Bond seven times from 1973 to 1985.
All of his fans are mourning because he’s no longer alive.
He became an actor who many people would admire.
In 1991, he starred in Bed & Breakfast with Talia Shire.
When he became an actor, he chose a career that would soar.
Sadly, millions are saying goodbye to the talented Roger Moore.

[Dedicated to Sir Roger Moore (1927-2017) who died on May 23, 2017.]

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom – Part IV

Happy Mother's Day, Mom - Part IV
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This is the fifth Mother’s Day that has come around since you passed away.
I really miss being a part of your life on Mother’s Day.
Billions of women are celebrating Mother’s Day all over the Earth.
You became a mother about fifty years ago when you gave birth.
You gave birth to my brother in 1967 and four years later you gave birth to me.
You brought both of us into the world and you filled both of our hearts with glee.
You were a special mother and many people know this.
Happy Mother’s Day Mom, you will always be missed.

[Dedicated to Agnes M. Johnson (1948-2013) who passed away on March 6, 2013.]

There’s No Place Like Home

There's No Place Like Home
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When my family and I moved into this house in 1977, Dad was our Patriarch.
For four decades I have lived in a subdivision that is called Crosby Park.
Today I’ve lived in this subdivision for forty years.
I was only five years old when I moved here.
When a person lives at a place for that many years, it fits like a glove.
This is where I’ll live for the rest of my life and it’s a place that I love.
I’ll tell you why my place means more to me than it did just ten years ago.
It’s because this place is now mine and there’s no place like home.

I’ll Put God First

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If I ever get married, I’ll put God first instead of my wife.
God is our creator and he’s the most important in my life.
If I ever get married, I’ll stand by my wife for better or worse.
But she will always come second because I will put God first.

My Daughter’s Dirtbag Boyfriend

My Daughter's Dirtbag Boyfriend
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I met my daughter’s boyfriend and he’s a thug.
He’s a low life piece of trash who deals drugs.
When I told him to leave my house, he pulled out a knife.
He thought he was bad, he thought I would beg for my life.
That piece of scum thought he could save me, that is what he believed.
I kicked the knife out of his hand and a beating was what he received.
I punched him over and over and gave him seven karate chops.
He fell to the floor and you should’ve seen how fast he dropped.
He became my daughter’s ex-boyfriend after I threw him out my door.
Now she’s mad at me because guys are too scared to ask her out anymore.
Low life dirtbags are the only type of guys that my daughter will date.
If she brings another boy to my house, he’s someone who I’ll castrate.

(This is a fictional poem.)