What to do?

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To tired to think or see,
stay up wondering who i will be.
So many options go through my mind,
but none of them are what i want to find.
Everyone has life figured out,
I’m still learning what it’s about.

I see people every single day,
some sad, some happy, and some just wanting to play.
I’m not so sure what i am,
I’m shocked i still show up on cam.
What am I suppose to do? I honestly have no clue

The Voices

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Hearing voices here and there,
trying to figure out from where.
They talk and talk all day long,
i know that something must be wrong.

All they do is say bad things,
like i should go and try to hang.
They get louder and louder without a break,
I’m not so sure how much more i can take.

They tell me I should hurt and kill,
they make it seem like such a thrill.
I don’t know what i should do,
I fear my life might be almost through.

The voices seem to never go away,
they keep trying to get me to come and play.
I say please no let me be,
they are making it hard to breath.
It makes me worry and shake in fear,
they wont stop until I’m in tears.