About Tduke

theres not much to say really i am 23 and like to write poetry it just gets me out of my head some times


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Rain comes flooding the way Bringing new life to the day Washing away the grime Turning back some time It becomes refreshing as it hits Your skin, cooling it in bits cooling the outside Like a refreshing morning tide After it stops to rain You feel a little less mundane As you look up and see it clear At a beautiful rainbow you peer Knowing that the rain created such an image But in time the beauty fades like a mirage Rain brings lots of new growth To the world and us both We could not survive with out it So when it rains just enjoy it

Horrible sanity

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It is said that truth hurts But at times it kills Your inner most soul Strangling the breath out of you Until there’s no life left It is an other horribly sane moment A moment that just crushes you Down to your moral foundation Giving you nothing to live for Taking your happiness away For long periods of time I believe that people don’t just go insane It takes long intervals of horrible sanity To break down the mind And make it feel hopeless Like there’s no end There definitely is an end it will come when you overcome What ever horrible sanity was endured That is truth