A Puzzling Dilemma

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By Stanley Collymore

Is it really possible for a year to have started off as
badly as this one and, more to the point, should
it have done? Had anyone said to me prior to
its onset that this is how it would be I would
have upbraided them for being paranoid.
Yet everything I do regardless of the
meticulous care I expend and the
scrupulous precautions I take to
avoid foreseeable and even improbable
problems which may occur, I always end
up having to confront one calamitous
situation after another; why so? I
wish I knew, for at least I could
then realistically hope to
convince the morons
involved, as I’ve
done with myself,
that I’m not
going mad!

© Stanley V. Collymore
22 January 2011.


This poem was first written on the 22nd January 2011 but unaltered is now being employed as a caustic but justifiable indictment of the invasive, comprehensively incompetent but none the less intentionally perniciously vindictive, highly questionable practices, and the venal activities of EDF and Scottish Power, but even more infamously the acutely malevolent actions of Steve Hayfield, Customer Services Director at EDF and James B. Paterson, UK Marketing Manager at Scottish Power; inappropriate conduct that in September 2013 is most regrettably now ably assisted by Sarah Phelps ensconced in the Customer Service department of Southern Electric. Activities, I must declare, that are analogous to those of some old criminal gang; close-knit and profoundly incestuous.



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