25 Cents

25 Cents
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I’ll tell you the reason why my neighbor’s head has a big dent.
I mowed his yard and cleaned his gutters and he paid me 25 cents.
When he handed me that quarter, I began to yell.
Before I slugged that jerk, I told him to go to hell.
He threw a punch at me but I ducked.
This man is a cheapskate, he really sucks.
I tied one end of a rope to my car’s rear bumper and the other end to his leg.
As I drove my car about seventy miles, he asked me to stop and he begged.
After dragging him with my vehicle, his butt had a big rash.
That’s what he got because he was too cheap to pay any cash.
When I told him that he’d get even worse, he stopped threatening to sue.
If you decide to hire me and pay me 25 cents, I’l do the same things to you.



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