What Price Virginity?

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By Stanley Collymore

Hey! What are you saving yourself for; until the
right man comes along? And who says he will,
or that if he does you won’t by then be a bitter
and frustrated old maid wishing that you’d
acted differently when you had the
chance, rather than dutifully or even
stoically settling for second best
and deluding yourself that
you’ve found real
love at last.

No sensible person would ever suggest that you
voluntarily opt to gratuitously sleep around at the
arbitrary behest of every irrepressible virile or
self-opinionated stud willing or even eager
to put it about and flippantly pass that off
as having fun; as indulging in what’s
undoubtedly the most intimate of physical
experiences with another person should
be largely based on an informed choice
juxtaposed with the unadulterated
freedom to make it, and do so
entirely on one’s own!

Not perceive it or other comparable decisions,
and certainly not the matter of virginity, as
a valuable bargaining chip for contrived
matrimony, financial security or, most
condemnatory of all in the 21st Century, as a fast
track mechanism up the ladder of social, upper
crust or even hereditary mobility: the latter
with its attendant, parasitical prosperity
and marked proclivity to be venally
supreme, if you shrewdly catch
the drift of what I mean!

© Stanley V. Collymore
24 March 2013.



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