Taste my Name

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If you enter my world and taste my name. Its way to late your in my game. I’m a powdery yellow or even clear. Take a dose of this ill have you living in fear. You’ll steal from your family and lie to your friends. Just so you can have me again. You can’t eat your food and wont sleep for days. Come try me out one hit is all it takes. I’m more precious than diamonds and more costly than gold. Smoke me from foil or snort me up your nose. If you get wrapped up you’ll hate me cause I what I do. But just remember you came to me not I to you. My name is lifeless my name is death. My name will destroy you if you let. If you stop me and you think your free. Nightmares, crank bugs, and sweats there all gifts from me. You can try me anywhere in kitchen or in your room. But after you done me your in a world of doom. Im can be made anywhere your house, the woods, or the neighbors next door. You’ll try me once and be wanting more. Your friends, family, kids, and neighbors I could cause their death. Taste and remember my name I am crystal Meth. Ill bring you more misery than words can tell. Come take my hand and ill drag you to hell.



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